Friday, January 29, 2010

Sparks of Happyness week 13

I know it's been a great week when it gets to Friday and I'm still wrecked from Monday night.

It's that time of year again for me where I revel in gig paradise. This week was a particularly busy one as not only did I have Big Day Out but I also attended two sideshows that completely knocked my socks off! I promised a post yesterday but I think last night the most you would have received would have been complete drivel so here is a little round up on my experiences this week.

The week technically started with a new hair cut - straight fringe - which I am yet to get a good photo of. I will attempt to get one this weekend and post it as soon as I have.

Kasabian in Melbourne 25/1/10

Monday night saw me journey into the good ol' city to experience Kasabian. It has been a long torturous wait to see this band again (last time was when I was in the UK) and it was well worth the wait. Though they started a little slow Tom, Serge & the boys warmed up and the crowd warmed up with them. There was so much energy and enthusiasm coming from both sides that you couldn't help but be wrapped up in it. "LSF" ruled my world!

MUSE at Melb BDO 26/1/10

Tuesday was the Big day - Big Day Out I mean. It started early with a LONG wait to get inside the venue (too many people, not enough gate space) and ended in the same manner (too many people, not enough train platform). I saw a lot of "bits" of bands and managed to catch whole sets from Kasabian, The Horrors, Lily Allen, Mars Volta (while waiting for Muse) and MUSE (I'm not counting Powderfinger because I wasn't really listening). Tiring but entertaining, hot but no sun burn, and extreme but enjoyable. Muse took my breath away!

The Horrors at Melb BDO 26/1/10

Wednesday night was the last gig for the week. This one I was probably looking forward to more than anything else - The Horrors at the Corner Hotel in Richmond. It was the perfect venue for them - small, dark and atmospheric. Someone posted on my facebook wall after the show "Faris is a bat" and it was precisely the right words to describe the intense lead singer. The whole band had me captivated from song one until the very end of the set. It was everything I could have hoped it would be - lots of the new stuff but they still threw in three oldies in the encore (including my favourite "Gloves"). Perfect perfect perfect!

Thursday arrived and I hit a MASSIVE wall. The tiredness enveloped me and I made the mistake of forgetting about a training session I had for work in the city that day. I had to drive in, was 40 minutes late and had to try and switch my brain on while I felt and probably looked like a hot mess. I finally went to bed before 2am last night and today I have been less of a zombie.

Today my copy of Hadouken!'s new album arrived in the mail and I'm currently devouring it with my ears. It's brilliant - but that can wait for another day. I got to watch a new episode of Skins this evening as well as catch up on all things Friday Night Lights. It's been a quiet Friday night but after the week I've had it's exactly what I wanted.

OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT THE MOST AMAZING THING THAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK. I bought tickets to see The Killers at the Enmore in Sydney on Feb 12th! 2 weeks today and I'll be seeing those lovely boys in a venue about the size of the old Palace Theatre where I saw them back in 2004. That gig still remains one of my most favourite gigs of all time so I am very excited about seeing them in a small venue again! My heart begins beating in my throat when I think about this so it's going to be 2 weeks of trying not to think about it.

I hope everyone had a great week! Share and share alike please!!!

Glitter sparks & Happyness
x x x

P.S You should follow me on Twitter - I update WAY too much but you get to keep track on what I'm doing during the week. I can be quite insightul when the mood takes me. Otherwise you get tweets like: "Hoping desperately my @HadoukenUK cd arrives in the mail today. Come on Australia Post be my BFF!"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's nice to have you back

prada Joaquin, originally uploaded by baaarooke.

Anyone who talks movies with me would know my love for the man Joaquin Phoenix.

It has been a long and true love through his ups and downs but it's always been there. I have loved and enjoyed and devoured every one of his films (bar 1 - It's All About Love = blergh) and I own pretty much everything he's been in that is available to own (even the REALLY old stuff where he's just a kid - hello Spacecamp).

Well I have been a little worried about him lately. Since that horrid interview with Dave Letterman and his supposed career change to becoming a white rapper (which I still believe is a big old private joke between him and Casey Affleck), he had apparently lost his way.

Today my sister sent me a link to this recent youtube video which has made me smile and has given me hope for new amazing things from this very talented man.

It's nice to see him looking like himself again.

Mr Phoenix, it's lovely to have you back!!

Glitter sparks and happyness,
x x x

P.S This past weekend has been a nice break for me. It was filled with friends birthday celebrations, new shoes (post is sure to come!), new hair cuts (photos soon, but HELLO fringe!), bbq lunches, Sunday afternoon drinking sessions with fabulous friends and delicious pavlovas!!!!

I have a busy couple of days to come thanks to the Big Day Out. I will let you all know how THAT pans out in a couple of days! Don't expect to post again until at least Thursday but just you wait my friends!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I didn't win but I have brightness

My dear friends,

By now you would be well aware of the competition I entered to try win a trip around the world interviewing bands at different music festivals. It's the competition a whole bunch of you sent me photos for and I created this video:

Unfortunately I did not win *sad face*. I just wanted to let everyone know that while I am upset about it life goes on. I have SO much to look forward to this year that I have been wondering how I would have fit in a world tour (I would have but shhhh).

I am so proud of the posts I created for this competition that I will spend the next couple of days transfering a few of them over to here. If you have been following my profile and have already seen these posts I apologise. There were over 50 blogs over at my profile so I'll only choose a few of the most important ones to share here. If you want to read them all go

I want to send out a big massive thank you to all who supported me by sending me photos, messages of encouragement or just simply clicked on my profile during this competition period. The responses to my blogs have been overwhelming and lovely and I really wouldn't have felt I had a shot if it weren't for those comments.

I have also recieved a lot of emails from friends who are as disappointed as I am about my lack of finalist status and the love and support has been much appreciated!

Good news is that I will be looking at re-designing this blog and updating more regulary. If nothing else it has awoken my need and desire to write and share my world with all of you.

I apologise for neglecting you guys over here for so long - I got distracted it's true but fear not I'm back for real this time!

Expect more from me this time! I promise I won't disappear for long, I just need a little break to work out my thoughts and get my ideas for this blog in order. If you have any requests let me know and I'll see what I can do :)

Super love & bright sparkles
x x x