Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's nice to have you back

prada Joaquin, originally uploaded by baaarooke.

Anyone who talks movies with me would know my love for the man Joaquin Phoenix.

It has been a long and true love through his ups and downs but it's always been there. I have loved and enjoyed and devoured every one of his films (bar 1 - It's All About Love = blergh) and I own pretty much everything he's been in that is available to own (even the REALLY old stuff where he's just a kid - hello Spacecamp).

Well I have been a little worried about him lately. Since that horrid interview with Dave Letterman and his supposed career change to becoming a white rapper (which I still believe is a big old private joke between him and Casey Affleck), he had apparently lost his way.

Today my sister sent me a link to this recent youtube video which has made me smile and has given me hope for new amazing things from this very talented man.

It's nice to see him looking like himself again.

Mr Phoenix, it's lovely to have you back!!

Glitter sparks and happyness,
x x x

P.S This past weekend has been a nice break for me. It was filled with friends birthday celebrations, new shoes (post is sure to come!), new hair cuts (photos soon, but HELLO fringe!), bbq lunches, Sunday afternoon drinking sessions with fabulous friends and delicious pavlovas!!!!

I have a busy couple of days to come thanks to the Big Day Out. I will let you all know how THAT pans out in a couple of days! Don't expect to post again until at least Thursday but just you wait my friends!!!!

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