Sunday, November 27, 2011

67 Special Happy Times


Last night was a trip down memory lane - one of my most favourite Australian bands re-formed 3 years after their farewell gig to say goodbye their local pub that is closing. 

From about 2004 until 2008 67 Special were a constant part of my nights out and always put on fantastic gigs - last night was no different. It was amazing to catch up with my fellow former "Spechy forumers" who I haven't seen in AGES and who are still as awesome as ever. 



Watching 67 Special last night reminded me how cruel and unbelievable the music industry can be. This band is so talented and put on one hell of a show with amazing songs and incredible stage presence but they weren't able to "make it". It was clear last night that their finale was not due to their lack of passion or enjoyment of playing live. It just doesn't seem fair.


I wore my new Black Milk Mario Watchmen swimsuit out to the gig last night. I'm not usually the kind of person who would wear a bodysuit / swimsuit with a skirt but there is something about Black Milk that gives me that confidence. I have bought a whole bunch of their leggings and this was my first swim. I was worried about the sizing (after a friend bought one that didn't fit right) but the worry was unfounded as it fits brilliantly and holds everything in perfectly. My next purchase is going to be the Ribs Black swimsuit or Purple Galaxy swimsuit or the Tiger swimsuit (or maybe all three).

Peace & love
 - Brooke

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Oh man this looks far too ridiculously amazing for words. I'm going to throw my fan-girling into the blogosphere. 

I somehow managed to wait until all three books were released before reading them earlier this year. I stayed up for hours and hours completely absorbed in the story and characters. These movies will replace the gap felt but the lack of LOTR / HP / Twilight.

Peeta looks amazing.
Katniss looks perfect.
Gale looks pretty much exactly how I imagined.
I want to punch Seneca Crane in the face.
I can't wait until we see more of the other tributes.
I'm still not 100% sold on Cinna but I will wait and see.
 HAYMITCH has super pretty hair.

 I have been MIA for over a month - which has been a bit refreshing for me. I was struggling to find the words and stories to share on my little space of the Internet so a break was definitely in order. I'm back and refreshed and ready to share some fun stories and photos again. 

 - Brooke