Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas 2008

To everyone who stops by from time to time,

Merry Christmas and all that good stuff :)

I'm at home eating far too much food and enjoying my new amazing Mega Book of Boosh (OH YES!). I hope Santa brough everyone something special and if he didn't then just go out and buy youself something pretty!!!

Mega love & Sparkles
x x x

Song for the moment = JINGLE BELLS :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Makeup Tutorial: Aqua Charge

Make up Aqua Charge

Another day - another new Lime Crime inspired look. This style is similar to my previous posting with a twist.

What I used:

Eyeshadows: Lime Crime Magic Eye Dusts in Elf, Empress, Circus Girl & Nymph
Eyes: Turquoise glitter liquid liner (I used M.A.C. glitter liquid liner), & black mascara

Make up Aqua Charge

With a medium brush I applied Circus Girl (yellow) to the inner eye - starting at the inner corner to about the centre of the eyelid. With a slightly smaller brush I applied Elf (green) to the outer half of the eye - starting from the outer corner to the edge of the Circus Girl shade. Apply Empress (purple) to the centre line of the eyelid where the colours join - blend slightly.

With a flat brush I applied Elf across the crease of my eyelid starting just above the inner corner right the way to the outer corner of my eye. You can bring the colour out as high as you desire - for a more dramatic look bring the colour higher to your brow bone.

I wet a small flat brush and applied Elf to the lower lashes pulling the colour outwards. Then apply Empress directly below the Elf from the centre of the eye outwards.

To highlight my eyes I applied Circus Girl to the bottom inner eye and appled Nymph (gold/white) along the brow bone.

Apply glitter turquoise eyeliner to the top lashline and apply black mascara.

*To make the colours more vibrant wet the brush before applying eyeshadows and use a primer*

I have more looks but I don't want to overload on these :) I can't help it I've recieved more and more Lime Crime orders and I now have quite a few colours... They are magnificent!

What do you think? Love it or hate it??

Love & Sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = Foals - Cassius

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sparks of Happyness - week 6

*REAL polaroid pic taken by random Jagermeister promo girl*

Thursday is quickly becoming my favourite day of the week :) Why? BECAUSE OF THIS! Thank you again Gala Darling :)

What rocked my socks this past week? Well just read on my friends...

Alicia Keys - Yes oh yes... I went and saw her last night at Rod Laver Arena and she was super fantastic, fabulous *insert lots of happy amazing adjectives*!!! It's been quite a few years since she last toured Australia and she made up for it last night. I sometimes forget how much her songs remind me of my life in America. Her second album can quite easily be the theme music for my 1st American trip and when she played some of those songs last night it gave me chills and my eyes welled up (silly emotional girl). She is a beautiful, inspiring lady and her outfit was super cute also. I don't think I've heard Rod Laver Arena cheer as loudly for an artist as I did last night. Highlight songs = No One, Fallin', Superwoman, If I Ain't Got You & How Come You Don't Call Me. She is a superstar!

Lime Crime orders arriving - Yep this make up makes me THAT happy :) I got 3 new colours and Crystal got 3 new colours. The Siren colour is SOOOO beautiful and so unlike any other colour I have in my collection. Expect new photos of my new creations soon. So far I have 2 new looks but I'm sure come next week I'll have a lot more - I just have to remember to photograph them! I haven't tried to use the new glitters but they look so super bright and sparkly in the containers. I still *squee* with happyness everytime I open one of the colours.

Nevereverland Festival - On Sunday Crystal and I headed to the Myer Music Bowl in M-Town with 2 of our friends. A long time ago it used to be the 4 of us at lots and lots of local shows - we'd drink, dance and laugh - but we haven't done that for a while. It was fun to spend the day dancing, drinking and laughing while watching some kick-arse artists strut their stuff on stage. I finally managed to (kind of) break the "Curse of the Klaxons" as well! By kind of I mean that I got to see them and I wasn't horribly ill/being crushed almost to my death/standing near boys who pee in cups and throw their urine on the crowd - but their instruments did all cut out at the same time for about 30 seconds. A small price to pay but they were still fantastic! Oh and it was fun to see my dear friend Retro Dave - sorry Dave the Block-head :) - he always brings a smile to my face.

Watching Long Way Down in full (finally) - Ewan McGregor + Charlie Boorman + motorbikes + Africa = a fantastic documentary series! I've had this series on DVD for as long as I've been home from the UK (so just about a year) and I've always meant to sit down and give it the attention and time it deserves. I knew I'd love it - I loved the last one and I loved the book - but other things always got in the way. Well I FINALLY spent the week watching an episode here and there and finished it the other day - it was marvellous!

CHRISTMAS! - We got our Christmas tree put up and mum pulled out all her Christmas decorations. Our lounge room is Santa & snowmen & reindeer & tinsel central! I love waking up in the morning, opening my bedroom door and being hit in the face with the smell of our Christmas tree! Our house feels festive now and I am looking forward to Christmas more and more!

Honourable mentions = My mum using my phrase "my brain is going to explode", boys thinking that smearing mushed baked potato on Crystal's jeans is a turn-on, MGMT (the crowd sucked but they were splendid), watching a super drunk girl at MGMT try to drunk text a boy and failing so many times, making beaded bracelets, wrapping fabulous Christmas presents, FALLS FESTIVAL timetable being released and I get to dance the New Year in with THE HIVES! & then continue the dancing with Late of the Pier, buying Dylan Moran tickets for April, seeing Pete & Linda at Alicia Keys, my new boots being worn almost everywhere when I go out, seeing Twilight again and still loving it, fabulous Polaroid photos, new HSM pens, JB Hi-Fi Christmas parties (even though I haven't worked for them in over 18 months), seeing TRACEY again!, our store wining a spot on an incentive, & seeing my niece in pigtails (a-la Pippi Longstocking) for the first time :)

I'm going out for dinner with my super friends tonight, movies with my another super fabulous friend on Friday night and then it's work Christmas bbq on Sunday and then it's CHRISTMAS!!!!

Tell me about your week... Fun? Fabulous? Fantastic?

Super duper love & sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = Alicia Keys - No One

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2009 Resolutions

* Photo at Abbey Road - by me*

Think about what you’d like to achieve in 2009. Then phrase it in the present tense!

For example, I am living in New York, or I am in an incredible relationship with someone who inspires me, or I can now do a standing back-flip!

Seems simple right? This was posted as a competition on iCiNG and I wanted to enter but I couldn't get the words out. It was like writing this was writing my own personal script for my life and if I did that then it would be like telling someone a wish - it won't come true.

Then I had another think about it and I realised I was being silly. This is too late to enter the competition but I thought the idea behind this was so good I couldn't NOT do it, so here we go...

"I am sitting in my room in my own place. I've just moved out of home properly for the first time and I'm so close to the city that all it takes is a tram ride and I'm out! I've spent the year saving and it's all paid off for the best - I'm debt free!

I'm a kick-arse travel agent who moonlights as a make-up artist (after completing a short course to learn the techniques).

I've travelled back to America and spent some fabulous quality time with some of my most favourite people in the world. I've also been interstate on numerous occasions to experience some of the greatest gigs of my lifetime. I'm planning my African Adventure for '10 and am counting down the days before I'm face to face with some beautiful mountain gorillas.

I'm happy in my job and my life - my friends and family are happy and healthy and make me smile. I am taking more photos and constantly finding new things to inspire and motivate myself. I'm not afraid to chase the things I love or want anymore.

Life is grand :)"

Thank you Gala Darling. This took me a few tries to complete but I got there. I know what I want out of 2009 now I have to do the hard yards to get there.

Try it for yourself. Tell me you new years resolution - put it out there so that this time next year you can look back and see what you've achieved and if any of your goals have changed.

Love & sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = The Kooks - Seaside

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sparks of Happyness - week 5

*photo of Bridie - taken by me*

It's that time of the week again... I feel like this week past has been filled with so many things that made my heart want to explode that I don't even know where to start :)

My beautiful niece - This week was the week of Bridie. On Sunday the family went to her "music recital" (remember that she is 2 1/2 years old) where she danced on a tiny stage, sang, clapped and was totally cute. She was one of the only kids who didn't need their mum onstage with them (they were all teeny tots) and she smiled and looked like she was having a ball! We also went out for dinner on Tuesday night for my Dad's birthday and I was lucky enough to be sitting next to Bridie for dinner. She was so adorable - we read books together and ate our dinner (well kind of) and she LOVED my new sequin hoodie :)

RAZORLIGHT TOURING IN JANUARY - I still can't find the words to describe just how excited I am about this. I bought my tickets on Tuesday for the Melbourne show and I CAN'T WAIT! They have never toured Australia here and FINALLY after 3 albums they have decided to journey to our shores.

I have been in love with this band since the first time I heard Johnny's voice blast through my speakers. I can remember the DAY I bought their first album - it was December 2004 - I was going through a change with my music tastes, trying to find something new, and for some reason their first album completely pulled me in. It opened me up to a whole different genre of music and I've never looked back. British Indie Rock/Pop is pretty much the back-bone of my music because of them.

I travelled to a small French town about 2 hours from Paris last year JUST to see them because I was tired of waiting for a tour. It was one of my aims of our European trip (I only really had 2 - go to the Glastonbury Festival & see Razorlight live). I have seen them play every song from the first 2 albums that I wanted them to play so this tour is new songs plus bonus super amazing fun!

Twilight the movie - I saw it, I loved it, I'm seeing it again on Friday night. I had a fun afternoon on Sunday - travelled with my sister to a cinema we don't usually go to (because it's further away than our local ones), we were early so we looked around the shopping centre a bit and both ended up with dresses - mine was on sale *joy*. Then we met our friend Julz for some Twilight action. When we were waiting in the cinema for it to start it reminded me of the excitement I held before seeing the third Lord of the Rings movie (am I revealing too much geek-dom?). I won't go on and on about it... Just KNOW it made me (a very big fan of the books) very very happy. After the movie we went and ate food, drank beer and talked about the movie for a REALLY long time.

High School Musical 3 - Yes I am a fan, yes I saw it the night it came out, yes I loved it... I just wasn't expecting the squeals and outcry of love from all the 8 year old girls in the audience. It was WAY better than the 2nd HSM and I want to see it again and again! The songs, the dances, the sets - all spectacular. My sister (who is 23) coped some crap from the people at her work after she said she was going to see it and I told her to tell them "don't knock it til you try it". I am a huge fan of musicals so I was always going to love it - it's cheesy, it's fun and Zac Efron is destined to be a super star!

Creating Christmas decorations - I spent almost an entire day at work (it's been quiet) cutting out and creating elves & reindeer & sleighs for our window display. It looks cute and festive and it makes the office feel a little bit more Christmassy :)

Honourable mentions - finding gifts for that hard person to buy for, the other niece and her crazy ways, new boots, Forever 21 orders arriving, planning USA holidays, comments on my posts (knowing people are reading and enjoying what I write makes me smile), catching up on Amazing Race episodes, super long weekends that are filled with busy stuff, new iPhone applications (ProPol is my new fave - it turns photos into polaroids - like only not as good but I don't have a MAC so it's a good substitute), delicious Greek dinner with workmates, spanakopita (delicious), Rob Pattinson as Edward *swoon*, being able to look at Twilight related websites again, making gifts for friends overseas, making Christmas brooches & birthday dinners with the family (my Dad's birthday).

Tonight I am going to see MGMT & I'm super excited. I'm going to dress in sequins and dance like a crazy person. I'm then going to the Nevereverland festival on Sunday to again dress in sequins and dance like a crazy person. AND then I have Alicia Keys to see on Wednesday night - you guessed it, I'm going to dress in sequins and dance like a crazy person :) Are you seeing a theme for my week ahead - great music + sequins + crazy dancing = fabulousness!

Oh and I just bought tickets for Twilight tomorrow night - eeep! - and am having dinner with some friends who I haven't seen in a while (but have spoken to on the phone a lot this past week because I'm bored at work).

Tell me about your week... Was is as super squee worthy as mine??? Share!

Super duper love & sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = Razorlight - Fall, Fall, Fall

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Makeup Tutorial: Neon Lights

I know I've been going on about Lime Crime make-up since I started writing this thing but the truth is that this makeup is THAT good. I've fallen head-over-heels for this stuff and it makes me excited to plan my makeup when I go out.

It's been a while since I've been this excited about makeup - I love just about everything about it. The colours are bright and are easy to apply, blend and fix (if you make a mistake).

I've been spending a bit of time playing around with the colours I have got and now I'm waiting for the most recent order I placed to arrive at my house so that I have new colours to play with.

I thought it was about time to post some of my creations on here so that you can see I'm not all talk when it comes to this makeup. I WOULDN'T be going on about it if I didn't love it so much. I also thought I'd share how I created the look so that if you feel you love it so much you can try it yourself :)

What I used:

Eyeshadows: Lime Crime Magic Eye Dusts in Cleopatra, Elf, Empress & Nymph

Eyes: white eyeliner (I used Prestige waterproof eyeliner in star) & black mascara

With a medium brush I applied Cleopatra (orange) to the inner eye - starting at the inner corner to about the centre of the eyelid. With a slightly smaller brush I applied Empress (purple) to the outer half of the eye - starting from the outer corner to the edge of the Cleopatra shade - blend slightly where the colours join.

With a flat brush I applied Empress across the crease of my eyelid starting at the inner corner right the way to the outer corner of my eye. You can bring the colour out as high as you desire - for a more dramatic look bring the colour higher to your brow bone.

I wet a small flat brush and applied Elf (green) to the lower lashes pulling the colour outwards. To highlight my eyes I applied Nymph (white/gold) to the inner eye and along the brow bone, I also applied white eyeliner to the lower lashline.

Then apply black mascara - If I had have been going out at night time I would have applied liquid liner to the upper lashes, I think I would have used a turquoise or purple.

Well thats it! That's how I created this look! I like this style a lot and have substituted the colours a few times to create totally different looks. It's easy to do and doesn't take too long to master.

What do you think? Do you want to see more of these?

Love & Sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = Razorlight - Up All Night

NEW BOOTS *swoon*

Yesterday I went shopping. I was supposed to be Christmas shopping for other people but I bought myself a gift also.

A new pair of black boots. I know it's almost summer time but I couldn't resist them. With their buckle & cowboy boot heel they were too good to be true :)

Plus I found them at Payless shoes and they seem to be quite good quality for what I paid for them.

I did manage some Christmas shopping also. Some more gifts are out of the way.

Only 16 days til Christmas :)

I also bought RAZORLIGHT tickets today on pre-sale - *JOY*! I officially have tickets to see them in January. I don't know how my heart is supposed to handle all this happyness. 2009 is MY year - I've decided :)
Love & Sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = Razorlight - Wire to Wire

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Twilight love

I saw Twilight today.

I didn't expect to love it... But I did.

There was so many things that were done perfectly - the casting, the characters, the sets, the script, the voice-overs & Edward *swoon*.

I really thought I would find lots of things wrong with the movie version because I love the books so much but the only thing that annoyed me was that Mike Newton wasn't good looking enough :) I can live with that...

I am so relieved.

I don't really have the words to describe it right now.

I need to see it again.

I'm off to re-read the books (for the millionth time).

Super love & sparkles & beautiful vampires

x x x


Song of the moment = Bellas Lullaby

Friday, December 05, 2008

OMFG *dies*

I can't even explain the JOY!!! It's been 4 years & a journey to England to see them because I didn't want to wait anymore & this time they are coming to my town!!!

Razorlight (UK)
Saturday 31 January 2009 8:00 PM - 18+
Hi Fi Bar & Ballroom
On Sale December 11 - Ticket Price TBC
Michael Coppel Presents
with special guests

I can't explain it - I'll try tomorrow. Right now I'm smiling from ear to ear.

Super love & Sparkles

x x x


Song of the moment = Razorlight - Golden Touch

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Why I love: Christmas movies

* Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf*

Every year it's hits December time and I go through the DVD collection to find those few Christmas themed movies that I love to watch every year. I've done this with my sister for a few years running now and it's become a kind of tradition.

I have 3 movies that I HAVE to watch in the lead up to Christmas - it's always open to additions and this year I have added an extra 1 to the list :)

I love Christmas movies because they are ALWAYS fun, family friendly, festive and fabulous. They always make it feel like Christmas and they always make me want to dress up in tinsel and wear red & green & dance around the house singing Christmas carols.

Here are my 4 must watch Christmas movies:

1. Elf (2003) - It's a must! Buddy the Elf is the epitome of all that is Christmas and if he can't get you out of the holiday blues and into the Christmas spirit then you're a lost cause :) He's innocent, adorable, loving, full of Christmas spirit and a complete JOY!

2. Bad Santa (2003) - Not your traditional Christmas movie I know, but Billy Bob Thorton is classic as the alcoholic conman who poses as Santa so that he can rob department stores. It's crass, it's crude but it is also fantastic.

3. All I Want For Christmas (1991) - The story of 2 young kids who try and get their parents back together for the holidays is my little piece of nostalgia. I can remember watching this movie on TV when I was little and when I found it on DVD a few years ago I was so excited - I was even more excited that it was in a sale bin for $5.00!

4. Fred Claus (2007) - This movie was the last movie I saw before I left London last year. I was sick, tired, wanting to be home and it lifted my mood. It's a funny take on sibling rivalry as we watch Santa's bitter brother Fred try to survive Christmas. It also start Vince Vaughn who brings that perfect level of sarcastic bitterness to a character who could have been 2D.

I know there are a lot of Christmas movies to choose from but those are the ones I watch to make me feel a little more in the Christmas spirit.

Other Christmas movies I love but aren't as essential - I'll Be Home For Christmas (1998), The Santa Clause (1994), A Miracle on 34th Street (1994), Eight Crazy Nights (2002), A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965), Home Alone (1990), National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (1938) & Love Actually (2003).

I am also aiming to watch a few Christmas movies that I haven't watched before - How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2003), It's a Wonderful Life (1946) & Polar Express (2004).

I'm going to see Four Holidays this week sometime (if I can find the time). I know it looks cheesy and cliché but it wouldn't be a Christmas movie without a bit of cheese!!!

What Christmas movies put you in the Christmas Spirit? Do you do have something you like to do each year in the lead up to Christmas?

What Christmas movies put you in the Christmas Spirit? Do you do have something you like to do each year in the lead up to Christmas?

Mega Love & Sparkles

x x x


Song of the moment = JINGLE BELLS :)

Sparks of Happyness - week 4

* Bob Evans picutre from past tour - taken by ME*

Another week has passed. I had intended to post a few different articles this week on things that have been happening and more things I love but life caught up with me this week. (Well life and season 3 of Bones).

So what made me squee with happyness this week?

Unexpected new purchases - I went shopping on Saturday with the sister and we wandered around Fountain Gate. I didn't really have my eyes out to purchase anything but I walked away with a super cute denim dress. Most denim dresses I have seen around have been that "shirt dress" style but this one I found in Kmart (of all the places) is in no way like that. It's dark denim and I can't even describe it but it has a 60's feel to it. I love it! I also bought new bright bonds underwear, a 2009 calendar, a new book (that I am yet to start reading) and I've found the shoes I've been wanting for AGES with a more "Brooke-sized" heel (I didn't buy them but I will - the website has them on sale - I'll try them on tonight and buy them soon).

Bob Evans - I went to two of his shows last week. He's so adorable and love-able and his songs are simply magical. On Thursday night we ventured into a venue we had never been to before - The Toff in Town - and it was amazing! As we walked through the doors of the bandroom it felt like we had been transported back to London to one of the many small beautiful venues that we'd been to previously. It was the PERFECT venue to see Bob Evans acoustically and I think the venue added an extra something to the experience. The second show was with his full band so it was totally different to the first night - no less fabulous and no less beautiful. He has a new album coming out in the new year so I'm looking forward to more tours and more shows and more songs.

Spending Sunday market shopping with my Mum - On Sunday I woke up, put on my new dress, applied some bright eyeshadow and put a bow in my hair and went to the local market with my mum. We haven't had a day together without nieces/sisters/other family members in a long time and it was lovely to spend the day with her. We bought Christmas decorations, yo yo biscuits and looked for Christmas presents. The market was a bit of a bust (apart from the yo yo biscuits) so we headed to Fountain Gate to look at Chrsitmas decorations. We found a bright, glittery "Merry Christmas" sign and some Santas. My Mum gets a Christmas decoration each year for the family members who are not at home and I always have fun helping her pick them out.

Decorating the office in Christmas decorations - I LOVE this time of year. It's all about tinsel and Santas and bright shiney things that most people see as taboo year round (not me). It's fun to see people getting into the spirit. I love driving past houses where the owners have put in that extra effort and covered their house with sparkling Christmas lights. We don't decorate our house until after my Dad's birthday (December 9th) so while I don't have Christmas love in my house, it's EVERYWHERE else!

Shana Logic orders arriving - I love recieving mail especially when the parcel is filled with cute robot plushies, new adorable necklaces and 2 bright new Lime Crime eyeshadows. So bright, so beautiful - I should really start taking pictures of my make-up creations and posting them here so that there is visual proof of it's wow-ness! Bridie saw me with my new purple shadow on and went "oooohhhh purple... preeeetttyy" - so it has her stamp of approval :)

Honorable mentions
- work visits from sweet nieces, long conversations with friends while at work, ordering new Lime Crime makeup, ORDERING THAT SEQUIN HOODIE, eating kiwi fruits with spoons, summer fruits in season, twitter on my iPhone, dreaming of Macbooks, deciding that new shoes I buy will have heels from now on (thanks for the inspiration Gala), looking at cute pictures on the internet, finding Christmas headbands to convert to Christmas badges, & watching lots and lots of Bones on DVD.

I have so much coming up this week it's crazy! I will be so super busy until well after Christmas. I AM GOING TO SEE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 TONIGHT and I'm super excited about it!!! I am also going to see Twilight on Sunday. I can't even think about that one though.

How was your week? Sock it to me, tell me about the fabulous things that happened...

Super love & sparkles

x x x


Song of the moment = MGMT - Kids Oracular

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sparks of Happyness - week 3

* Photo by ME*
*Bijoux ring (from Swatch) & I heart polarioids necklace (from Shana Logic)*

Another week has passed - I'm finding myself enjoying doing my weekly wrap more and more. I think everyone should try this - it's a refreshing exercise and a great way to realise just how amazing your life is :)

- I know I mentioned it last week but they were REALLY that good :) The second show - the one on Friday - I think was that much better than the 1st. They played Sunday, Waiting for the 7:18 and This Modern Love - I was in heaven. Crystal and I had one of the easiest "getting to the barrier" moments ever (only just behind our Coldplay efforts on their last Aussie tour). We waited in our car until the doors opened (it was raining), went to the toilets, got beers and then went and sat (thanks Festival Hall) near one of our friends who was in the front. When the crowd got up we weaved easily to the barrier - it was super weird. It was a beautiful, amazing night and I've been listening to Bloc Party heaps since.

Adelaide Soundwave in February - Jack's Mannequin (are you getting my obsession yet?) will be there and so will I! Me & Crystal bought our flights and tickets the week before last but this week I managed to get us some accommodation at the Miller Apartments near Rundle St Mall. Bonus is it's only costing us $60 each for the one night and I think it's 4 star. Now I have that organised it means that it's REALLY happening - I will be seeing Jack's Mannequin at least twice on his tour here - Sydney is still to be decided (it'll happen, I just need sideshows to be announced so I can figure out flights/costs).

Twitter - I joined this week and while I'm still figuring it out it seems like a lot of fun. Now all I need are friends to join so I can see it in complete action. It's like facebook status updates only I can access it from work ALL DAY. Nothing helps beat total boredom like something new and fun

New hair cuts and colours - that's where I was yesterday and the reason why this wasn't posted yesterday. I've lightened my hair to the lightest it has been in about 3 years. It's going to take some getting used to and I am going to have to adjust my makeup accordingly (I've perfected the dark hair + vibrant eye makeup) but I think I love it. I feel like each time I look in the mirror I am transported back to 2005 when I was in America working at my beautiful camp. I feel more summer-y which is perfect for the months that are coming up :) It's amazing what a change of hair colour can do for your whole personal wellbeing.

THIS - I love Gala Darling - everything about this girl is amazing! She is basically the inspiration behind this whole blog. I've always loved writing but I've sometimes felt a bit funny writing about myself online. I don't even remember how I stumbled upon her blog but I am so happy that I have - it's inspirational, original, beautifully written and her articles are helpful and a lot of fun. I have always tried to look at things in a positive light but I had been struggling lately - Gala's site arrived on my computer screen at the most perfect time.

Other things that sparkled through my world - visiting nieces (this always brings a smile to my face), funny songs, dancing with nieces, Melbourne weather (we went from hot hot hot to brrr cold - in one day), BOB EVANS (but more about him later), beautiful songs, AMAZING new music from The Killers, superb movies (but I've already written about THAT), making new Shana Logic orders, ROBOT PLUSHIES, new colours from Lime Crime (though it has led to hours of consideration staring at the computer screen trying to choose my next order), shopping centres getting decked out in Christmas decorations, thinking about summer, choosing the hotel you are going to stay at in Hawaii next summer (June/July 09), getting my work life organised again, giving music recommendations have having that person LISTEN to you (thanks Dave).

How was your week? Was it as beautiful and fabulous as mine?

Love & Sparkles

x x x


Song for the moment = Bob Evans - Don't You Think It's Time

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Film love: Australia

*oh Baz - you did it again *
I've just gotten home from watching one of the most beautiful movies I have seen this year.

No I'm not talking about Twilight (but give me a week and I will be) - I'm talking about Baz Lurhman's Australia.

I'm going to start this off with the fact that I am a Baz Lurhman junkie - I've loved every movie he has made so far - Strictly Ballroom, Romeo & Juliet, and ESPECIALLY Moulin Rogue. He is a master of the tragic love stories - the two people from different ends of the world falling in love and being forced apart by circumstances, family, life, beliefs or the world. I believe he is an amazing story-teller and an amazing filmmaker.

I'll be the first to admit that I went into the cinema excited - I was always going to like this movie. Even if the story wasn't great, I would love the way it was shot or if Nicole Kidman annoyed me I'd still love Hugh Jackman :) It didn't matter either way because it exceeded any expectation I held for it.

It starts off as your basic story of a "fish out of water" - English rose travels to Australia to sell her husbands’ cattle station only to be faced with corruption, manipulation, and a little mixed race Aboriginal boy who steals her heart. But then you realise that this movie has it all - it's a western, it's a love story, it's political, it's a war movie, it's a period piece - it has everything you would want in a movie.

It's beautifully shot with sweeping views of northern Australia throughout - the natural beauty of that area is like a bonus character of the movie.

While Hugh Jackman & Nicole Kidman shine in this movie it is the first time actor Brandon Walters who is a scene stealer. He does it with just a look, sometimes a few words, other times with boundless energy that you forget there is other people in the shot.

I won’t mention the story – I don’t want to give anything away. And don't even get me started on David Wenham - he's so brilliant I can't even talk about it.

I laughed, smiled, cried, cringed and cheered. It had Baz Lurhman written all over it and I loved it for that. It’s such a well crafted, well executed film and well timed film that the 2 ½ hours fly by - even without a toilet break :)

I do think that other countries might have a bit of trouble understanding some of the slang that is used in the film – cobber, bloke, sheila – but I think it was these little things that made me love it just that little bit more. I also think that this could be the reason why the reviews overseas have not been too favourable - to some Americans I think this movie may aswell be a foreign language film.

If anyone asks me I’ll tell them to see it – it’s so Australian it makes me smile and squee with happyness.

Have you seen Australia yet? What did you think? Are you going to see it?

Love & Sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = Jack's Mannequin - Doris Day

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why I love: December

Image of Andrew McMahon from

It is almost one of my favourite months of the year - DECEMBER! It is a much loved month for many people but in preparation for the joyful season I'm going to give you my top 5 reasons why I love December

1. Christmas time: I love Christmas time - who doesn't - I love the mass panic to find the perfect present, the crazy busy shopping centres, watching family members open their presents, receiving presents, turkey & chicken & lamb crackle at lunch & lots of leftover food for the days that follow Christmas dinner. I love the smell of REAL Christmas trees, decorating the house with Christmas decorations, wearing crazy Christmas jewellery & dressing up with tinsel. I think Christmas time this year is going to be even better because we will have 3 little kiddies (2 of which will KNOW who Santa is this year) and the whole family together (my sister and her husband are coming down from Sydney this year with the little niece). It's always a hectic, crazy time of the year but I LOVE IT - and when I purchase Lime Crimes new red glitter shadow it'll be complete :)

2. Summer weather: The heat starts rolling in but it's not at those extreme heats in December - this means it's still nice enough weather for us to enjoy barbeques in the backyard drinking beer and eating sausages with family and friends. It's still nice enough to go to the beach, have a picnic and sit in the sun without burning to a crisp in the summer heat.

3. Christmas Parties: dressing up, drinking, laughing - it's all part & parcel at Christmas parties.

4. December 17th: For some reason each year December 17th is a great day - some amazing international band decides to tour Australia and Melbourne gets them on December 17th. A couple of years back it was Green Day, this year amazingly it's Alicia Keys.

5. Summer shades & summer wardrobes: bring on those bright colours - I've assembled my summer colours for this year and December seems to be the time to bring them out. Bright make-up, bright clothes - I love wearing shorts & skirts & haviana thongs & sandals & light summer dresses & bright bold sunglasses (this year I want purple ones).

There is just so much to love about December - it's the ending of another year which means the beginning of a new one (der). It's the time of year where we reflect on the year we've had, start to plan for the year to come. It's the time to start thinking about new opportunities & new possibilities.

It's an exciting & frantic & fun time of the year - now that I'm no longer in direct retail I find myself loving December more & more.

Tell me - what's your favourite month of the year and why??

Love & sparkles

x x x


Song of the moment = The Killers - Joy Ride

P.S I've signed up to twitter - I'm still figuring it out but add me so that I can see a point to it :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas sparkle list

This year I for Christmas I would like:
  • a Macbook (pro preferably but I'm not fussy)
  • a huge bow on a headband
  • a sequined hoodie
  • purlple sunglasses - with purple lenses
  • lime crime makeup
  • a purple heart belt
  • a lightning bolt necklace
  • a barcelona chair - in black
  • a cute denim skirt
  • sparlky heart earrings
  • irregular choice shoes in US 9 or EU 40
  • a stylish bum bag (for all the festivals to come)

I'm not asking for much really :)

Love & sparkles

x x x


Song of the moment = Bloc Party - Waiting for the 7:18

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sparks of Happyness - week 2

* Bloc Party = sqee *

It's been a hectic week for me this week. Some of the week was frustrating but overall it was pretty amazing.

V Festival announcement - The Killers, Snow Patrol & Kaiser Chiefs in one day. I didn't think Australian festivals did that anymore! V Festival is in April but I already cannot wait. This is sure to be the festival of the summer. I hope Branden Flowers wears something shiny.

My sister's wedding - The family got on a plane (mum & dad drove) and headed to Sydney last weekend for my sister's wedding. I got to hang out with our little niece (who has gotten so big and cheeky), take beautiful photos, eat delicious breakfasts, drive a big Tarago rental car all weekend (I was like a soccer mum driving everyone around) and basically have a fun time with the family.

Buying tickets to make my summer fun - This week I splashed out and bought tickets to *deep breath* the Swell Season (Glen Mansard & Marketa Irglova from the movie Once) at the Palais in January, Kings of Leon at Rod Laver Arena in March, Soundwave festival in Adelaide (with flights) in February & V Festival in March. I also bought tickets to see the movies Australia, Twilight & High School Musical 3. My credit card took a beating but I think come summer time my need for live music is going to be satisfied!

Bloc Party concerts - I saw Bloc Party last night (for the 1st time in Australia, 4th time all up) and they are a fun, beautiful, energetic band. I think Kele has been getting dance lessons from Yannis (from the Foals), he was tearing it up onstage last night like I've never seen him do before. Me & my sister went together and started near the front until we were crushed beyond enjoyment so we headed out of the squishy sweaty boy area and danced at the side. I'm going again tonight and I hope that they play Pioneers.

My iPhone - Being away from a computer for 4 days while in Sydney would normally seem like such a strange and horrible thing, it cuts you off from your online world and that can seem frustrating. This is why I love my iPhone - it got a work out over the weekend (once I finally got reception on the thing - it felt like an IT Crowd moment "have you tried switching it off and on again"). I've said it once, I'll keep saying it - I LOVE APPLE PRODUCTS!

Honourable mentions - coming home and surprising Grandparents with visits to new granddaughters (who they hadn't met yet), coming home and being greeted by other cute nieces who you haven't seen in almost 2 weeks, taking the Grandparents to see Sydney Harbour Bridge & the Opera House, driving rental cars (I LOVE IT), making hot dogs at home and them tasting delicious (complete with American style mustard), finding new tv shows to love (how has it taken me so long to catch on to 30 Rock), Lime Crime Makeup (still), reconnecting with friends, dancing like a crazy person :)

Today I am relaxing, I have another day off work - I am going to spend my time watching Mamma Mia on dvd, going to the post office, cashing my tax return (yay) and then I'm getting ready for more Bloc Party fun tonight.

Love & sparkles

x x x


Song of the moment = Bloc Party -Mercury

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Film love: Twilight

* so close I can almost taste it *

There is not much I love more in life than a really great book. It's even better when the book gets made into a movie - and is made right. I've felt that way about the first 2 Harry Potter movies - they stuck so well to the book it made me happy (I started to lose faith after the last 2 but I have hopes that the 5th is going to restore my faith in the franchise).

I have been anticipating the release of Twilight since I read about the movie being made when I was still in England. I followed the casting decisions with baited breath and applauded the choice in actors for the characters I grew to love. I watched the MTV short clips each week until it all became too much for me and I had to stop and take a Twilight break :)

I know (!) I've read all the blogs raving about these books like crazy fan-girls but they really are that great.

I have always had a fascination with the legends of Vampires - heck what girl hasn't? I think the attraction between a vampire and a human in books is romantic and tragic and doomed to failure but it intrigues me to no end. Hey I'm a sucker for a beautiful immortal and a tragic love story.

I think this is why Bella and Edwards story appealed to me. I like the idea that some people are just meant to end up together - fate and all that - that their attraction goes beyond the normal conventions of life and love. It's just a nice thought.

I'm so very excited about December 7th - I'm going to eat cake and discuss all things Edward and Bella with my sister and my dear friend Julz. These books helped me starve away boredom on those long lonely train rides across Europe, they helped me keep my imagination alive while I was trying to sleep in that cramped dirty room we called home for 3 months in London. They are beautiful books and I am sure the movie is going to be something special. It's so close I can't stand to think about it. I've been avoiding all things Twilight movie related on the net because I know it's coming out soon in the USA - I don't want to read other peoples opinions on this one - I'm saving that decision for myself alone.

Tomorrow night I am going to see Bloc Party - I am excited. I am actually going to see them on Friday night too. I think I need these shows to be amazing and I know they will be. I haven't listened to their new songs much at all but I've seen what Kele can do onstage (even while sick and going against doctors orders to sing and play) so I have no doubts about the spectacle to come :)

Super love and sparkles

x x x

P.S The V Festival has made me so very happy - The Killers & Snow Patrol & Kaiser Chiefs. Summer is going to be filled with happy days :) Now all I need is some Jack's Mannequin sideshows

P.P.S I have to buy Kings of Leon tickets tomorrow - someone asked me if I was going and I laughed. Yes I am a fan, Yes I have been to every show they have played in Melbourne since Big Day Out 2006 so what is going to change there? Just because other people now know who they are doesn't make me the kind of fan to ditch them. I love everything about Kings of Leon - from their crazy pasts to their old albums even to the fact they have new fans - I just don't quite understand how this new album made them so huge (it's not their best album). The thing I love most about Kings of Leon is their live shows - I'm not giving that up because they are playing in bigger stadiums now, not for anything.

Song of the moment = Jack's Mannequin - Caves

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sparks of Happyness - week 1

Think of 5 things to be thankful and happy about this week and write it down. You'll soon see it's been a fantastic week!

New baby nieces - It's been mentioned already but my oh my it's so lovely to be able to meet a person in their first day in the world. It's a crazy and amazing and beautiful thing.

Jack's Mannequin touring Australia in February - I can hardly contain myself when I even think about this. Anyone who knows me knows the love I have for this band (well for Andrew McMahon in particular). The last time I saw them was way back in 2006 when I was on my second camp adventure. I flew from San Jose California to New York for 1 night JUST to see him support a (lame) band. I also met him that day and it was a beautiful surreal overwhelming experience. I am now planning to attend a couple of shows in different states - so far (if he announces sideshows - he's playing a festival) if all goes to plan it'll be 8 shows in a week. But we are at least looking at 6 shows in a week. OMFG! My stomach does a little flip of excitement every time I think about this. Smiles and love all around today due to this!

British India shows - It doesn't matter how many times I see this band live I still love them. I've been going to their shows since 2005 (I think - possibly eariler) and they are just an amazingly fun band live. It doesn't matter that I have seen them so many times, every time I do it brings a smile on my face. It's fun to watch a band grow - I remember shows when there maybe 50 people seeing there to see them - my how the times have certainly changed.

New make-up - Lime Crime Make-up is as good as was expected. I might go into a bit more detail in a couple of days time. Just KNOW it's bright, it's colourful, it's AMAZING!

Long weekends - It was Melbourne Cup weekend this past weekend and while I had to work 9 - 3pm on Saturday I had the following 3 days off. It was splendid and relaxing. I went shopping on Sunday (for Crystal's b'day present), visited my new niece on Monday (twice) and relaxed with the TV watching Phantom of the Opera. It was nice to relax a bit and already it's almost the end of the week. I didn't bet on the race so I didn't win any money - but on the plus side I didn't lose any money :) I love watching the fashions on the field but am usually disappointed in the coverage on the TV - they don't show enough of the dresses or shoes!

Things that also sparkled through my world (but just missed the top 5): New albums from Razorlight that don't disappoint, more new headbands with bows, cleaning out my make-up storage and finding brushes that I thought were long gone, new lip glosses that taste like lollies, more tours from fun bands (Fall Out Boy, N.E.R.D, & Black Kids), anticipation of festival announcements (the build up can sometimes be more fun that the announcement - with the exception of Jack's Mannequin OH MY), waking up to a cute niece in my bed, dancing with cute nieces, potato gem fights, fantastic new films from directors who have been having a bad time of late (Rock 'n Rolla), finding new places to shop online and the Aussie dollar slowly gaining value again.

It's NOVEMBER already! I can't believe it. When I think of what I've done this year already it's hard to believe that it is almost over. There is still so much to look forward to before the year is out.

Happy weeks are good weeks :)

Love and sparkles

x x x

Song of the moment = Jack's Mannequin - The Resolution

Monday, November 03, 2008

This is Evie

I didn't think that my first "real" post on here would be about my family. But things happen in life that are so unexplainably exciting that it is just impossible to not shout it from the rooftops (or in this case share it with the world wide web).

My sister-in-law gave birth to another beautiful niece this morning. It's the fourth niece that I have and the happyness you feel when you first meet this teeny tiny baby doesn't diminish on the fourth one :)

She is so adorable and little and when I look at her it makes my heart swell up and it feels like it is going to explode with glee. You just want to kiss and hug her but she's so small that you don't want to break her. You want to protect her and make everything ok for her the moment you see her.

How is it that you can love someone so much when you have only just met her?

Life and all its possibilities astounds and astonishes me everytime.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Evie Millah Jagoe - the newest addition to an already large and beautiful family.

Love and sparkles
x x

Sunday, November 02, 2008

A new home to rest my thoughts

Welcome to Blogspot Brooke.

It's time to start writing again.

x x