Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Oh man this looks far too ridiculously amazing for words. I'm going to throw my fan-girling into the blogosphere. 

I somehow managed to wait until all three books were released before reading them earlier this year. I stayed up for hours and hours completely absorbed in the story and characters. These movies will replace the gap felt but the lack of LOTR / HP / Twilight.

Peeta looks amazing.
Katniss looks perfect.
Gale looks pretty much exactly how I imagined.
I want to punch Seneca Crane in the face.
I can't wait until we see more of the other tributes.
I'm still not 100% sold on Cinna but I will wait and see.
 HAYMITCH has super pretty hair.

 I have been MIA for over a month - which has been a bit refreshing for me. I was struggling to find the words and stories to share on my little space of the Internet so a break was definitely in order. I'm back and refreshed and ready to share some fun stories and photos again. 

 - Brooke

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