Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Make up tutorial: Emerald Shine

Todays make up tutotrial comes at a request. I figured I'd post it here as well incase it gets too long :)

What I used:

Eyeshadows: Mirror Mirror, Nymph & Voodoo Queen Glitter all from LimeCrimemakeup.com and available through Shanalogic.com

Eyes: Black liquid eyeliner, black mascara & fake eyelash glue.

With a medium sized brush apply a light dusting of Mirror Mirror to the whole eyelid.

I was having trouble getting the glitters to stick properly and fully to my eyelid - I tried the creme shadow, make up primer, EVERYTHING - and I wasn't getting the full coverage look I wanted. I read in one of my make up books that when using glitters it is sometimes good to try the fake eyelash adhesive glue to get it to stick properly and much more solid. I tried this and SUCCESS!

Paint fake eyelash glue to the lid in the shape you require. For this look I painted just above the crease of my eye as I was unsure how dramatic it would look.

Using a brush you don't mind wrecking (in case the glue doesn't come out - mine did as I washed the brush properly after use) soak in water and then into the glitter pot (to ensure the glitter is picked up by the brush). Apply the glitter to the still wet glue until you have a solid base - allow to dry. Apply one eye at a time to ensure the glitter and glue don't crack and so you can see what you are doing.

Once dry take a smaller brush and apply Mirror Mirror (silver) to the outer lines of the glitter and under your bottom lash line.

Apply Nymph (white/gold) to the inner corners of your eyes and dust under your brow.

Apply foundation and concealer as desired on your face. For this look I used a red gloss on my lips.

Though the eyelash glue made my eyes feel very heavy to start off with I barely noticed by the end of the night. This is by far one of my favourite looks I've created with Lime Crime makeup and I'm sure to repeat it with the 2 other glitter colour I have from Lime Crime.

It made me feel like Sophie Ellis Bextor in her "Murder on the Dance Floor clip". See it here on youtube (for some reason I can't get it to post here)

Super love & sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = Sophie Ellis Bextor - Murder on the Dancefloor

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