Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Help me help you :)

I know it's been a while. I apologise. I always seem to be apologising on this which I probably shouldn't :)

My long absense has been filled with life, travels, fun, crazy times and I wish I had more time to post stuff on here.

Right now I am in a competition to try and win a trip around the world and I need some help.

I know it's cheeky to be MIA for so long and then come back here and ask anyone who's reading this to click on the following link to help me out.


I need profile page views to go up. On a plus note I have been writing about music and such on this profile page so if you're desperate for some of my ramblings then you can check it out there :)

So please spend a little time out of your day to click on the link. Click on it a few times. You'll be helping me get my profile noticed!

Super love & Sparkles

x x x


Song of the moment - 30 Seconds to Mars: Kings & Queens

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