Friday, July 03, 2009

Cobra love

I have to wake up at 3am tomorrow morning to get online to purchase tickets to see Cobra Starship in Los Angeles on August 11th. I'm pretty certain that if I waited until 9am I'd be fine to still get tickets but I do not want to risk it :)

Our trip has evolved again. We have now decided to stay for 3 nights in Los Angeles at the end before we fly home. Mainly because of this show. Dedicated much?

It seems a lot to change your holiday plans to include a show to see a band - to other people anyway. To me and Crystal it's a usual occurence. We travelled to Brisbane and Adelaide last year to see this band support Panic! at the Disco so I think an earlier drive to Hollywood is definitely in order.

I have had an appreciation for Cobra Starship from the first time I heard the song "Snakes on a Plane" - something about the fun lyrics and super cool tunes just felt right. It's been a long time love and this show just seems to fit perfectly in with our holiday without messing us up too much :)

Tomorrow I'll be tired but I think it'll be totally worth it when I'm in Hollywood, at the Troubadour dancing to Cobra Starship :)

Watch their new clip (featuring Leighton Meester aka Blair from Gossip Girl) - it's delicious :)

Love & Sparkles
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  1. Still no updates??? :(

  2. Cool! can you please! Make a new post? A reckon the last one (this one!) was made in July. Thanks. :-)