Saturday, July 31, 2010

Laaaast Niiiiiggghhhht

*The Strokes setlist acquired by ME from last nights show *

I've been quiet again I know. I had a good reason again - a special visit from an amazing friend all the way from the USA. I'll post about the crazy two weeks later when my brain can function properly.

This week has been just as crazy as the past two as it's that halfway point in the year and that means it's Spendour in the Grass sideshow time!!! So far I have been to three gigs this week and have another 3 next week to go.

This week has consisted of Foals at the Hi Fi Bar (after a failed attempt to get into their "secret" show for Myspace), 30 Seconds to Mars at Festival Hall (not a Splendour sideshow but OMFG I fell in love with Jared Leto and his white blond mohawk) and last night was THE STROKES!!!

I have never seen The Strokes live before and last nights set was everything I ever dreamt it would be. They played a collection of their hits of songs spanning all three albums and while it felt like it flew by so quickly we were treated to sixteen songs over an hour and twenty minutes.

They are in super fine form and as brilliant as ever.

Since I haven't slept properly in over three weeks now I'll attempt a proper update tomorrow complete with pictures from those two weeks that I have been missing for - that'll make up for it right?

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

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