Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Travel Stories: California Dreamin'

Hollywood Starz

Yep that’s right, I’m off to the USA tomorrow night for my 4th trip to that beautiful country.

This time around I’m not travelling with my sister. I’m joined on this adventure by Skye. Skye & I became friends from when she worked at my store. She now works in a different branch at a different location but we’ve remained friends via the usual networks. It’s always exciting to travel with someone new – especially someone who has never travelled to a destination that you love dearly.

This trip all came about from the fact that Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate are playing a Dear Jack benefit concert in LA together on Thursday night and I though I’d like to attend. I posted about the show a little while ago and stated that I’d managed to get tickets but it looked like I’d be going by myself because my usual “go to” travel partners were all busy or didn’t have the cash.

I received a text from Skye the following day asking if I had anyone to go with and we spoke about it and I told her what I was thinking of doing and she asked if she could come. I was stoked! She managed to convince her husband that it wouldn’t cost too much since it was only a week so it was settled – she was coming along to the USA with me!

The best part about organising a trip with a fellow travel agent is that there’s no “umm”-ing and “ahh”-ing. They know how much things cost and know how to get the best out of accommodation and flight deals. We managed to get a great deal with V Australia on the flights and a super cheap internal flight from LAX to Las Vegas and all the accommodation was sorted almost straight away. I think I was the one who spent the most time looking at different hotels and finding out different options and prices for our first hotel – Skye was easy, anything I suggested was met with “that sounds great”.

So what are out plans?

 Hollywood Night Time

We’re headed to LA for 2 nights and we’re staying at the Magic Castle Hotel – I’ve read some amazing reviews of this place so I’ll share my thoughts when I get home. Since we arrive into LAX at about 4pm on Wednesday we don’t have too much time that day so we’ll probably just have the usual after flight showers and head out for some dinner before mega sleep time. We’re booked in to do a 4 hour city tour (so Skye can see the “sights”) the following day before shopping (hopefully I’ll get to go to the Tarina Tarantino boutique) around LA for a while and then going to the Dear Jack Benefit show that night.

Disneyland - Magical Partners

Friday morning we’re on an early bus to Anaheim for 2 nights where we’ll run around Disneyland like little kids in a candy store. We’ve booked to see Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt1 on Saturday morning in Downtown Disney (I couldn’t help it – I’m going crazy thinking I’m not getting to see it on opening day but that's what happens when travelling).

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino

After that we’re off to Las Vegas for 2 nights of sequins, sparkles, shopping, neon lights and a fly over of the Grand Canyon.

I’ve done Vegas before – YEARS ago on my first America adventure with a bunch of Summer Camp friends so it’ll be nice to get to go back out there with a new perspective.

I’m very excited – we’re jamming so much into 7 days but it’ll all be worth it. It’s our whirlwind Californian & Vegas Adventure. I’ll post pictures and stories when I’m home. I’m taking the Fujifilm Instax Mini and my SLR and am going to try and spend some time taking some special snaps and playing around a bit more with my new lens. I’m only taking one lens so we’ll see how we go.

I’m sure I’m going to need a holiday from my holiday when I return. I’m just happy that I get to say that I’m getting to see Something Corporate in 2 days time after about 7 years of listening to them (plus the fact that Jack’s Mannequin is included in the same evening makes it super special).

Until next week my lovelies...

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

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