Thursday, March 24, 2011

MacBook Pro equals love

FINALLY I've done it. On Sunday after another tough week I decided that since I'd been paid it was about time I spoilt myself with something I've been wanting for YEARS. I am now a proud MacBook Pro owner.



I heart that the book says this



To some people it may not seem like much, but to me it's glorious. I finally have a computer of my own that I can use whenever I want to.

I am still getting used to moving from a PC to a MAC computer but I've downloaded Angry Birds Rio on my MacBook Pro and it's easing the change. I can also see myself getting sucked into the photo booth  big time!

Excuse the iPhone/Instagram images, I can't be bothered getting my camera out.

I've been meaning to dye my hair all week since my hair dye arrived but I haven't had the energy. I really need to do it either tonight or tomorrow night so it's freshly dyed for my whirlwind 2 night stay in Bali that I leave for on Sunday. I have a hair cut booked in for Saturday morning (BEFORE THE FOOTY - 1st round match!!) so I HAVE to do it before then. See look at me making excused - basically it's probably not going to happen tonight because I'm already sucked into watching Gladiator on blu ray.

Peace Out
 - Brooke

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