Monday, March 12, 2012

#11 of 50 things: Dye my hair blue


So, I did something different. I'm now a blue haired girl (instead of purple haired)!!! 

I've had this Special Effects Electric Blue hair dye in my cupboard for AGES but have only (finally) worked up the courage to take that leap into the world of blue hair. 

My hair started out very blonde (it wasn't hard to get it down from the pale purple I had in it - I used a Loreal box lightener and it was on my hair for about 20 mins and my hair was almost white) before leaving the dye on my hair for about 2 hours. 

It turned out SO much brighter than I anticipated and the response I have received from people has been so positive. 


And of course I had to wear shoes that matched my new hair.


I've had such a fun time having blue hair that I've just purchased more blue hair dye so I can keep this for a little longer. A couple of months as a blue haired girl should suit me perfectly.

#11. Dye my hair blue

Big smiles
 - Brooke

P.S I have also not had a chance to take big camera photos of my new hair but I will soon. For now iPhone photos will do

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  1. your hair looks amazing! i don't think bright, fun hair is something i am ever going to be able to have. my natural color is almost black and i can't justify ruining it for a couple months of fun color. BUT i wish i could!!! maybe i should get a wig. :P i also love your lilac hair, very beautiful.