Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cobra love

This last week has been full of mega highs and head stomping in the ground lows. One of my mega highs was that on Monday night I was given the opportunity to photograph one of my favourite bands, Cobra Starship. This came at the absolute most perfect time.

Gabe Saporta
Vicky T & Alex Suarez
Gabe Saporta
Gabe Saporta

I feel so happy and honoured to have been able to take these photos. This band to me is simply fun and amazing. Every time I've seen them I've danced around with a huge smile on my face and this time was no different. 

The crowd size left a lot to be desired but the bands energy didn't waiver. They played a huge set filled with a fantastic mix of old and new songs.

Gabe Saporta

I heart you Cobra Starship - please come back soon!!!!

Much love 
 - Brooke

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