Friday, October 18, 2013

Introducing "Adventure Awaits"

I love to travel. The great thing about being a travel agent (and a team leader/manager) is that the opportunity to travel crops up quite a bit. Not all of these trips offer a lot of leisure time but I do always get a chance to explore and experience the places we visit. 

A feature I am incorporating into this re-development of my blog is called "Adventure Awaits" where I will share with you a little story or tip from my travel experiences. 

It could be a small restaurant that I've stumbled across in Bali, or a great hotel I've stayed at in New York City. It might be about my experience at Harry Potter land in Universal or some of my favourite music venues in London. Whatever it is it will come from my experiences while travelling and exploring this world.

Travel is my livelihood, I talk about it every day and I know a thing or two about it. It's one of my passions in life and I don't always remember to share my own travel experiences here. 

I'm so excited to begin

 - Brooke

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