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Show: Razorlight 31 Jan 09

*Picture of J Borrell taken by me*
Sometimes you go see a band and it's so special and the atmosphere so electric that you KNOW you've witnessed something that only happens on rare occasions. The Razorlight show at the Hi Fi Bar on the 31st of January 2009 felt like one of those shows.

I know I am biased by my true love and devotion to this band but I know I wasn't the only person in a state of extreme happyness and amazement walking out of the Hi Fi Bar that night - the crowd felt it, they loved it too.

The night began as it had all week - extreme heat. We've been going through a ridiculous heat wave in Melbourne, Saturday was not as bad but we still hit the high 30's. Bright blue make-up was applied, outfits were chosen and excitement was building.

We headed to Chapel Street for pre-show dinner at my friends Julz' brothers cafe where we ate delicious food and chatted about all things life & Russell Brand. The twitter was check regularly as it neared doors opening time and there were fits of "OMG it says "quick nap after sound check before the gig". They are really there!"

Time reached 7.40pm and we couldn't wait anymore - doors opened at 8pm and I was feeling that familiar nervous/excited/stressed feeling in the pit of my stomach that I only get when it comes to seeing bands I love too much for words. I HAD to get to the Hi Fi Bar soon or I wouldn't be much for conversation until I did.

We forgot to take into account Chinese New Year in the city so the road closures and traffic should have caused a horrible panic but somehow my "travel in stressful situations" mind kicked in and I got us into our usual parking place and walking through the doors at the Hi Fi Bar at 8.20pm. A sigh of relief escaped me as I realised that the Hi Fi Bar was still half empty and I could manage to secure a spot at the front to the right side of the stage - exactly where I wanted to be.

We waited impatiently for the support band to start. Beers and conversation were our only company - though I was not very competent on the talking front.

I had never heard of the support band before that night and I expected to loath them - they were all that were standing between me and Razorlight - but they were quite good. Their songs were catchy, boppy and they seemed to be really enjoying their first major support slot. I don't really remember what they were called but I do remember looking at their feet a lot - none of the band members were wearing shoes and their feet were dirty. It grossed me out a bit. They finished as quickly as they began and then it was time for the good stuff.

It's so hard to describe the feeling in the room as the time neared 10.30pm - the Hi Fi Bar filled, the crowd grew restless. By the time it hit 10.25pm there was an excited buzz, sporadic screams and then the clapping started. The room darkened and the crowd erupted as 3 shadows sauntered on stage slowly followed by one tall skinny figure.

Back to the Start blasted through the speakers to a crazy roar as the crowd surged towards the stage in a sweaty heap. Dancing, singing, screaming and clapping erupted as the crowd ate up every note, every tune, every moment.

I have been to a LOT of shows both here and overseas, I've been to music festivals, sideshows, first show, big shows, little shows, arena shows, club shows and more but I have NEVER been to a show with a crowd like this before. It's taken Razorlight 5 years to finally do a tour in our shores and you could tell that everyone in the room was eager - having waited so long they weren't letting Razorlight go without showing their appreciation. They sung along to every word of every song and each song was met with a cheer so loud that you were unable to do anything but cheer with them.

*excited much? I got a set list - love the Roadie love*

And the band - WOW! What a show! With a set list 19 song, they were here to play. Johnny sang his heart out, Carl jumped and danced around, Andy pounded on the drum kit and Bjorn - well I don't really know what Bjorn was doing he was on the opposite side of the stage and I could barely take my eyes off Johnny to notice :) The set flowed perfectly as the new songs melded with the old. Noticeable highlights included Don’t Go Back To Dalston, Hostage of Love, America, In the City, North London Trash and Rip It Up (my personal favourite).

The set was over in what felt like a moment and the chants for encore began in seconds. J Borrell returned to the stage solo asking the dudes at the front what they wanted (they had been calling out for Stumble and Fall all night – lucky for them it was the next song on the set list) and delivered in true acoustic form. His voice rang out over the crowd and was answered in deafening screams and sing-a-long. The rest of the band joined him at the end of the song and the crowd ripped into a frenzy.

They played another 2 songs and we danced and screamed and sang and smiled – a lot. They finished with Somewhere Else and I can quite easily say that no one was thinking the words that he sang but they were singing them with him.

Once it was over I felt satisfied which I did not expect. Sure they left me wanting to hear songs that they didn’t play but I was so over the moon with the songs they DID play that I wasn’t disappointed. I didn’t expect 19 songs, I didn’t expect the crowd reaction, and I didn’t expect to be speechless.

It was awesome to be surrounded by fans, to hear the appreciation of the band first hand, to SEE them enjoying their music and to be able to be 100% happy and there.

This was the show I’ve been waiting for almost 5 years for, THIS was how seeing Razorlight for the first time should have been like(not that it wasn’t amazing, it was a LONG stressful day – I’m not going into that), this is what makes me love live music.

Best part about this is that I get to see them 2 more times this year! I think I was so calm when the show finished because I KNEW there was more to come. There wasn’t that fear that another 3 years would pass and I’d listen to their music and hear about the amazing shows they are playing overseas and never get to see them again – I get to see them again in April and I’m already counting down the days :)

Have you ever seen a band who completely rocked your socks off? Where everything was beyond perfect and you'll never ever in a million years forget about it? Tell me about it!

Excited love & sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = Razorlight - America

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