Sunday, June 28, 2009

Make up tutorial: Silver Dreams

Another request from my flickr posting :) Sorry its so delayed :)

What I used:

Eyeshadows: Mirror Mirror & Empress & Nymph Magic Dust by Lime Crime, black eyeshadow by Rimmel

Eyes: Black eyeliner by Bourjoirs

Nails: White nailpolish from Sportsgirl (1 week after application!)

With a medium brush I applied Mirror Mirror (silver) to the whole eye lid extending slightly above the crease in the outer corner (to create the solid looking line on the outer corner I used household sticky tape. I angled the tape from the corner of my eye reaching up to the edge of my eye brow. This creates the solid line & a more dramatic look - especially good with black eye shadow as you don't want to end up looking like you have a black eye).

Using a smaller brush I applied the black eye shadow to the outer crease of my eye - working from the outer corner inwards. I built it up until I was happy with the darkness - blending with the silver in the bottom corner as I went. I also applied a small amount of the black eye shadow to the inner corner of my eye lid to even the look out a bit.

Using the medium brush I lightly loaded the brush with Empress (purple) and dusted over the middle section of my lid - blending into the silver and black. I just wanted that hint of purple to lighten the look up a bit.

To highlight my eyes I applied Nymph (gold/white) to the bottom inner eye and along the brow bone. I also added a bit of Nymph to the outer corner line (after removing the tape).

Apply black eyeliner to the top lashline and apply black mascara.

Apply foundation and concealer as desired on your face. For this look I used a pink gloss on my lips. I'm a bit of a fan of the Rimmel gloss (with colour) at the moment. It gives you a solid colour but doesn't go on sticky and is nice and shiny.

This look also works with bright blue eye liner and a dark purple eyeliner (I've tried both and have been happy). It's pretty versatile as black and silver will go with any colour you can think of. You could substitute the purple for pretty much any colour and end up with a great result.

*To make the colours more vibrant wet the brush before applying eyeshadows and use a primer*

Go nuts!

Love & sparkles
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Song of the moment = Kasabian - Where did all the love go?

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    We will be stocking the new lipstick range in the coming weeks also.

    Cheer Jill - Lime Crime Fan!