Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Klaxons round up

I've already talked about the Klaxons before in Music Mondays - well this time around i'm going to talk all about their show on Friday night at the Palace in Melbourne.


A new album always brings a hope of a tour and with "Surfing the Void" fresh off the presses Klaxons kindly decided to visit our shores on a short promo tour. Anticipation was high for this new album and it hasn't disappointed. It was time to find out if it would translate live.

Boy oh boy did it translate! They burst onstage to flashing lights and loud screams from the crowd and the energy and awesomeness did not disappear until they finished their set. With a set made up of mostly new album tracks it would have been easy for a crowd to get bored (especially since we've only had about 2 weeks to learn these new songs) but there was not one bored face that I could see in the crowd.





Everywhere you looked there was happyness - I think that came from the fact that the boys looked like they were having the time of their lives onstage and that poured out onto every person in the room.

Klaxons setlist from Melbourne
** What's that you say - another setlist? Yeah Crystal got one this time **

It was a really super fun set and I still can't stop re-living it every time I listen to their album (which is a lot).

I'm even happier since I get to see them again SOOOOOON! Yesterday I booked my tickets for the Falls Festival in Tasmania - this means I'll be celebrating the new year with bands like Klaxons, Interpol, The National, Public Enemy, The RAPTURE (OMFG SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE!!), Hot Hot Heat, and SOOOO many more bands (check out the line up HERE). I don't think this has sunk in properly yet.

I also still haven't got a great photo of my hair yet but I have got a day off on Thursday and it's my aim to snap a few then - so never fear my friends the hair update is coming .

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

P.S I find the best thing about having this blog is that I can go see bands and not have to be all professional and neutral while writing about them - I love that I can *swoon* and rave on about them and you guys can join in my on super love for bands.

I've been getting a lot of first time visitors to my blog lately and I was thinking of doing an "about me" post because I don't think I've really done that here - I usually hate trying to describe myself so if you have any questions about my life or work or travel or music etc. Or if you just want to say hi and introduce yourself -  that'd be cool too :)

Plus I've just hit 101 posts!!! WOO go me!


  1. Klaxons member Jamie Reynolds is OBSESSED with Jack Bond. Check this trailer, the two get together is a new vid by VBS.TV:


  2. That was such a sweet video :)

    Thanks for sharing