Saturday, December 04, 2010

I wanna read good news

Last night was my work Christmas party. It was a very successful evening for our little store. This morning I woke up a little worse for wear but my mood was uplifted when I read that Andrew McMahon (yep the same one from Something Corporate & Jacks Mannequin) is headed to Australia for an acoustic tour in February.

The tour dates are as follows:
10 FEB - Brisbane @ The Hi-Fi bar
12 FEB - Sydney @ The Metro
13 FEB - Melbourne @ Prince of Wales
15 FEB - Adelaide @ Fowlers

Dear Jack Foundation Benefit Show - November 18, 2010
*Photo from Dear Jack foundations flickr screen. Click on image for more*

Tickets are on sale the 10th of December and I'll be purchasing tickets for every show. It's time for another musical adventure. I spent a lot of my time today at work between clients looking up flights and accommodation options for this trip.

Sometimes I love my job and the simple easy access I have to organize these trips. I spend so much time helping other people book their holidays that I thrive when it comes to my own bookings.

I love love love that Andrew was telling me the truth when I spoke to him at the show in LA. I love love love that this is actually happening.
I'll be missing seeing Foals in Melbourne in their side show for Laneway Festival. I am a little sad about this but I know where my priorities are and I know what I'd prefer to miss. I get to see them at Laneway festival so at least I'm not missing them completely. This means I'll have 2 x tickets for sale - face value only. Hit me up if you want to buy them from me.

I'm so excited for February now!!!
Glitter sparks & excited Happyness
x x x

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