Friday, February 25, 2011

Dreaming of Purple

Friends with purple hair

I've been dreaming of super proper purple hair again. This time I want super purple hair all over not just partial purple hair.

Alfaparf Jean's Colour Violet

The best way to get myself excited about this is to look all over the Internet and find other purple haired beauties. I've ordered some Deep Purple Special Effects hair dye so while I wait for it to arrive I'll just keep dreaming.

January 30th 2008

Finding these pictures helps keep my resolve to do this. I have purple hair now but it's just not quite right, it's not a true purple so I'm ready to get the bleach out and get it right.

I've also got some turquoise hair dye (arrived TODAY!) so I'll have purple hair with a strip of turquoise.

It's been a hell of a week. I can hardly believe half the things that have happened at work. It kind of sucks when your job is directly affected by world events - with the state of the world today it's not making my job so fun at times. This week has been truly shocking.

But I've had some good news this week though - it hasn't all been doom & gloom. I've got my name down to photograph MGMT at their show when they hit Melbourne next month (just waiting on confirmation) and I'm very excited about this. They'll be the most "known" band I'll have had the chance to photograph live so far *eek*

Happy *almost* weekend
- Brooke


  1. helloo i want purple hair too! dyu know the dye used in the pics? :))

  2. I'm pretty sure it's Deep Purple by Special Effects. It's the dye I used for most of last year and it turned out that darker purple colour.
    It's amazing but it runs like crazy - you'll end up with purple feet and showers :)
    Good luck

  3. how long does it stay purple?

  4. its DYI right? can u post a pic of the dye that you used? i want to dye this colour too!!!!