Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Travel Stories: Koh Samui pt 1

Koh Samui 1

Oh Koh Samui, where do I begin? You were a truly magical place and were so so kind to me and were absolutely beautiful.

Where do I begin? Should I start with the amazing hotels we stayed in, the glorious beaches we lounged on, the cooking class where we learnt to make delicious Thai food or many of the other things we experienced while in Thailand for the first time?

I think I'll just sneak a few photos in to start with. Then maybe I'll slowly but surely get to the good stuff.

Koh Samui 2
Koh Samui 3
Koh Samui 3
Koh Samui 4

There were so many different things to see and do and I took too many photos to fit into one post - coming up next, the many hotels we discovered and my faves.

I'm dreaming of the heat (even if at the time it was so hot it hurt)
 - Brooke


  1. Beautiful! One day I will travel. One day. When I'm not scared to fly. ha.

  2. Amy you HAVE to do it!
    I've had the travel bug for over 7 years and have been to some amazing places.
    There is so much to see/do