Monday, September 19, 2011

Coach Taylor FTW

Was I the only one beaming from ear to ear when they read online (being at work it was my Emmy update) that Kyle Chandler WON Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Friday Night Lights? I don't think I was...

Thank you trusty YouTube for my ability to look this up and find the super cute and sweet acceptance speech. I think it was WAY cute that Minka Kelly got to present dear Coach Taylor with his well deserved award. 

Kyle Chandler

I have been obsessed with this show for a VERY long time. I've watched the characters grow and learn and have cheered and cried through their wins and losses. I don't really know much about American Football but anything I do know I learnt it from Friday Night Lights and Coach Taylor (who could motivate with a perfectly timed speech, or just a look).  It's nice to see after all these years it's finally getting the recognition it deserves.


 - Brooke 

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