Sunday, September 25, 2011

Side by Side


Friday night my beloved Collingwood Magpies played in and won the preliminary final against the Hawthorn Football Club. It was the most intense game of football that I have ever seen. We won by 3 points with a last minute goal kicked in the final minutes and a massive tackle securing our win. 

This means we'll be playing in the Grand Final on Saturday afternoon and I found out today that I will be attending and have secured a ticket (thank goodness). I'm so excited and nervous and am going a bit crazy anytime I think about it. 


This was my sister Crystal, our friend Lauren and myself not long after the win. We've been to pretty much every game this year (apart from the games that were interstate) and have watched these boys play amazing football throughout the year. 

I've been a lifelong supporter of this team and it's nice to experience  this crazy fun time first hand. I mean we won the Grand Final last year but this year it's different because we'll actually BE there. I'm so excited for this week to come and whatever happens on Saturday I hope we walk away with massive smiles on our faces.

- Brooke

P.S Happy 200th post - I can barely believe that I've stuck with this little blog for so long. I'm kind of happy that this post is about something that I love to pieces. It just seems right.

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