Thursday, September 19, 2013

Deathly Hallows




I had a day off from work today so I was home when these beautiful new leggings arrived from Black Milk Clothing. I love this brand. I love Harry Potter. I love these leggings. They are so pretty and I love that the only people who will realise that they are Harry Potter Deathly Hallows leggings are Harry Potter nerds (so people who I can relate to).

I find a lot of the time because I work on a rotating roster over 7 days that my days off are becoming more and more like lazy days. Today I made the decision to get out and drive. 

I had a purpose and a destination in mind and I got in my car and drove. It was nice to turn my music up loud and just concentrate on the winding roads. The big trees towered over the road creating a canopy as I drove through little townships. It was easy to go out and get lost and forget about the rest of the world. 

I live in a town that is not far from some beautiful areas and next time I take a drive I'll take my camera. The bush land in this region is simply stunning - especially on a quiet overcast (and occasionally rainy) day. Sometimes it's easy to forget that. 

Today was a great day. A simple but great day. 

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