Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Procrastination & Motivation

* photo taken with my iPhone at FC ball*

This week at work I've been finding myself dropping back into my pre-Christmas routine of getting all my work out of the way in the morning and then twiddling my thumbs in the afternoon dreaming about the end of the day.

I've been trying to motivate myself into trying new things but I'm struggling to find new things that excite me. I have been reading all about this hooping sensation that seems to be sweeping all across the internet and it's intruiging me - I just haven't managed to find a hoop to buy :) Actually I haven't looked.

Yesterday the lovely lady Miss Gala Darling did a post on "How To Establish a Fabulous Daily Routine". Perfect timing as usual.

I've been sitting here today thinking about what I'd like to change, what I could change and why I should change it and have come up with the following:

What isn't working?

  • The lack of excercise is killing me - literally. I have never before worked in a job that requires me to sit and work at a computer all day and my body is feeling this the most. I don't feel particually healthy and I know if I get off my butt and excercise a bit it will help.
  • Snacking on junky junk - This goes hand in hand with the top point. Junk food is not my friend and I know it but somehow it tastes so good that I can't help myself.
  • My brain is struggling to stay in that positive attitude space - I know point 1 & 2 contribute to this but I have to keep my brain focused on staying away from negative things.

What do I want my routine to look like?

  • Wake up 7.10am - get pretty - eat a delicious breakfast - WALK to work
  • Work all day - make sure to snack on nuts/fruits/yummy healthy things
  • Walk home - take my beautiful pup for a 30 min walk - try new excercise (hooping?) - rest/get creative - dinner - read for 30 mins before sleepy time

What steps do I need to take to make this a reality?

  • Get off my butt - go to the supermarket & stock up on food that tastes delicious and is good for me - buy a hoop - find something that makes my creative brain happy - STOP having loose change in my bag (buy a small adorable piggy bank)

I know it won't take much for me to get happy and healthy again I just need to find things that I find fun to do. I am going to attempt to NOT eat chocolate for 30 days - starting TODAY! Plus I am going to cut back on the Coca Cola intake as of today. I've let myself slip back into the "yeah I'll have a can" almost everyday and it's not a good thing - that stuff is like liquid poison.

I'm a little late on the New Years Resolution but I never keep those so I'm hoping that this will be a better option for me :) Wish me luck...

Extreme love & Sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = Razorlight - North London Trash

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