Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sparks of Happyness - week 11

*Pictures of Evie taken by me - turned in to polaroids thanks to Poladroid*

I’ve had a pretty great week this past week. Here is my little piece of thanks to the universe.

The Swell Season show – It was last night at the Palais (A big old theatre hall in St Kilda which is beautiful and amazing). You know the show is going to be something special when the lead singer walks onto the stage with an acoustic guitar away from the microphones to the front of the stage and starts singing acoustically out to the crowd. Glen Hansard has an unbelievable voice, it beyond charming, can tell a story that is adorable and funny and can entertain to no end. This was the show I wanted way back when the movie “Once” came out in the UK – it didn’t disappoint. I got chills at some points in the show. Everyone should check them out – or at least watch the movie “Once” to know what I’m talking about.

New handbags – I went shopping on Saturday and walked away from Knox with a bag and some stockings. I was wanting to purchase a bigger style bag but when I saw this little black (I never buy black bags) bag in Dangerfield I couldn’t resist. I looks like it belongs in the 40’s and is so super cute I knew I had to have it. It actually holds a lot more than I expected it to and I’ve used it every day since I bought it. I’m officially obsessed with it.

Catching up with old friends
– Saturday night was my dear friend Heathers birthday BBQ and I spent the night laughing and catching up with my friend Liesl who has just returned from her 1 year adventure in the UK & Europe. It was so great to hear her stories and catch up again. I also got to hang out and chat with Becky & Heather too. We talked about life, love, moving out, moving on & surviving quarter life crisis’. It reminded me that some people are in your lives for a reason. Some friendships don’t have to be hard. Some friendships can survive time and space and can feel totally natural and right. I think I’m lucky enough to be able to have a few friends like this – we don’t see each other as often as we’d all like but when we do it’s like no time has passed.

The kindness of strangers – Last night while circling the parking lot next door to the Palais a lady and her family were crossing to get to their car and she waved to me to show me where her car was so I could take her spot (the car park was chockers as it was a lovely day and people were at the beach plus the show was on at the Palais). I thought that was lovely of her until she started walking towards our car – I thought “oh great she’s not really leaving” but instead she handed me her parking ticket (it was a lot where you display the ticket on the dashboard – you don’t need it to exit) that was valid for the rest of the night. I couldn’t believe it – not only had this lady helped me with showing me her park but she gave me her ticket so I got free parking. It really made the beginning of my night fabulous. I haven’t encountered kindness from a stranger in a long time and it really shocked me but made me smile oh so brightly.

Evie & Bridie & Kyla (the trio of nieces) – On Sunday night the family visited my brothers house for dinner so I got to jump on the trampoline with Bridie for a bunch. We then proceeded to sing a dinner song and smile and laugh as we drank our drinks and ate our dinner. I got to cuddle Evie and saw her massive smile for the first time. If I thought was good – today me and Mum minded Kyla who was in a nutcase mood and then Evie came to visit for a few hours. When she first got here I layed down with her on a blanket and talked to her. She smiled and “gooed” and “gahed” and it was so cute my heart wanted to burst. Bridie came over with her Dad (Nathan) to pick up Evie so we read books, cuddled and spat water at each other. It’s amazing how much fun 3 little girls can be and how much they can turn an ok day into a fantastic day.

Honourable mentions – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (OMFG WOW! Such a beautiful/tragic/amazing movie), scouring the internet to find good pictures of Cate Blanchetts hair colour in said movie so I can dye my hair that colour, finding out from my hairdresser that she CAN dye my hair that colour next week, 9 sleeps til Razorlight, 35 days til Jack’s Mannequin, driving Crystals new car, seeing Crystal getting better as a driver, long weekends, making plans, watching lots of the Office (US version), taking beautiful photos of my nieces, trying to plan my USA adventure, buying travel guide books for the USA, my iPhone, finding nail polish that looks like Dorothy’s red shoes in Wizard of OZ, & anticipating my week to come.

It’s been a fun filled week but I’ve remained un-tired. I know that won’t last through to this week to come. I’ve got Big Day Out festival on Monday, the Ting Tings show on Wendesday and then it’s on the crazy stuff after that. I don’t know when my love list will come up next week but expect to read fan-girl gushing about how fabulous Razorlight were next Saturday night (the 31st)!

Tell me you had an amazing week. Make me smile because you’ve smiled.

Major love & sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = Swell Season – Falling Slowly

P.S Anyone heard the new Franz Ferdinand album yet? I’m expecting great things!


  1. This is such a fantastic list! It puts my TiLT for this week to shame! You have made me happy :)
    I haven't heard The Swell Season before, but I'm going to go and check them out now, I love finding new bands to love! And I haven't heard the new Franz Ferdinand - only the few songs they keep playing on JJJ.

  2. Isnt't Benjamin Button GREAT?! I wanted to stay in the theater for another 10 minutes and have a proper weep when it was over.

  3. Thanks Shells - you should totally check out the Swell Season. They are so talented and amazing and you should also check out Glen Hansards other band The Frames - BEAUTIFUL!

    Sarah - I think I sat through the entire film credits just so I could recover!