Friday, January 16, 2009

Sparks of Happyness - Bumper Edition - Weeks 7 & 8 & 9 & 10

* Photos of the adorable nieces by me*

I know I've been M.I.A from here since '09 began but I have actually been quite busy. I can't pin-point where my time has gone but it has something to do with work being busy again, life picking up and it's summer time in the homeland so that means festivals & sideshows & band fabulousness.

So today will be a bumper edition of Sparks of Happyness and it's being posted a day late but you know what I don't think it matters because the whole point of this is to appreciate what's happened and send that little bit of thanks out to the universe :)

Jack's Mannequin sideshow - It was announced. They are supporting some bands who I could really care less about (only because I don't know then not because they are bad). I don't understand how my heart is going to survive 3 straight days of Jack's Mannequin shows. I can't even describe how I feel about this because it's far too overwhelming. Everytime I think about it I feel like I want to cry, scream, laugh, smile and vomit all at once. It's excitement like I've never felt before (even though I've seen them once and met Andrew McMahon - this is better). I get to see them with my sister, my friends and random strangers who are yet to realise how special these shows are going to be.

Falls Festival & Sideshows - I have already posted about Falls Festival but I also spent 2 nights last week enjoying the sideshows. I saw Franz Ferdinand supported by one of my absolute favourite Aussie bands ever, Red Riders. I also saw The Kooks. Both shows were spectacular - each in their own way.

Red Riders - I enjoyed seeing them so much they deserve their own point. It's been over a year and a half since I last saw this band live and I've missed them a lot! They've been through a lot - lost a member, producer and have had to delay the release and recording of their 2nd album but it's nice to see they haven't lost that something special onstage. I feel like this year it their year too and I hope it's amazing and fabulous and all those great words :)

Family BBQ's - My uncle came down from QLD to visit with his new family (he got married last year and has inherited some kids) so we had the family over at our house for a BBQ. I spent most of the night playing with Bridie and Kyla in the dirt and I haven't smiled and laughed so much in my life! I then had a fabulous conversation with one of the new kids about Twilight - where she tried to tell me things I already knew about the series and things that weren't true. It was a truly fun night.

Fabulous movies - I've seen some great movies in the past few weeks too - Role Models, Twilight (again - yep I'm up to 3 now), & Yes Man. I did try and see Bride Wars last night but the cinema had a black out (I KNOW) so I don't know if it's a good movie yet... Tomorrow I plan to go check out either Doubt or the Wrestler at Knox - I feel like I need a movie with substance.

Poladroid for Windows - As you can probably tell I'm a little in love with this application. I got so excited it was finally here that all my pics are polaroids now :)

Finding new accessories on sale - I've had my eye on this cute purple fake leather flower bracelet (I'm using the word bracelet because cuff sounds wrong but bracelet is also wrong) for quite some time now and I went into Diva on the weekend and it was onsale for $5! I snapped it up along with a new necklace, new black bow clip and some new headbands.

BOOKING FLIGHTS FOR AMERICAN ADVENTURES - Yep! Uh huh! I've booked my flights to Los Angeles in July - I will be in New York for my birthday - I am going to Disneyworld! I am so ridiculously excited that I'm going back to the USA. I can't wait to visit new cities, hang out with old friends, shop til I drop (or until my credit card won't let me anymore) and see a Broadway show on my birthday!

Honourable mentions - Long conversations about the future of your fav bands, secret conversations about new band members, cuddling Evie, new glitter from Sportsgirl, my iPhone, my mighty book of boosh, watching new episode of One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl & Scrubs, re-watching Boosh, re-watching The Office (US version), wearing bows in my hair, decorating bum bags for festival fun, creating countdowns for fabulous bands - 15 days til Razorlight & 41 days til Jacks Mannequin, free lollies from customers, having time off over the New Year, finding old jewellery, dressing up for lame work functions, and re-discovering new items of clothing that I forgot I bought.

How has everyone been? What's been happening since I disappeared? Tell me about the start of your year!

I really think that the start of my year has begun right. I'm happy, excited and have adventures planned - BRING IT ON!

Bright shiny love & sparkles
x x x
Song of the moment = Jack's Mannequin - The Resolution


  1. This is a brilliant list! I love it! I'm sort of planning to get back over to the States some time this year as well. Which BDO are you going to? The last time I saw The Grates was a couple of years ago and they were awesome - God, that's been so long!

  2. I've never seen Jack's Mannequin live. I saw Something Corporate three times in person, and it was always awesome. Some of my all time favorite songs. A talented guy, Andrew. Enjoy the shows.

  3. ooh barbecue and twilight, what a nice weekend..i have watched it 4 times so far, thinking of getting a dvd soon so i can drool anytime i want lol