Monday, April 12, 2010 latest shots take 2

On Wednesday the email came around with the newest list of gigs to photograph. Because it usually comes around on a Thursday I felt like I replied a bit too late but managed to get 2 gigs last week.

One of the gigs I was already going to (and had already purchased a ticket to), the other was a group who I have seen a couple of times and I knew they'd put on a fun show.

On Friday night I ventured out and saw Bluejuice at the Prince Bandroom in Melbourne. It was a fun filled night of dancing and photos and karate outfits (srsly). I had a plus one ticket but because of the late notice I didn't manage to find anyone willing to go (I KNOW). So I ventured off by myself to enjoy the festivities.

*Click on image to be taken to and more photos by ME*

Saturday night was a show I have been looking forward to for a LONG time - The Vasco Era at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne. As you've already been told, I have had their new cd on high rotation and can basically not stop listening to it.

I have been to a lot of Vasco shows in the past (it's been about 5 years since I first saw them support Evermore at the Hi Fi Bar) - I've seen them through the blue polyester suits, Grandpa jacket, cape wearing, blood covered bass guitar, long scraggly hair, breaking apart stages, small crowds, big crowds, ep launches, radio performances, lambchops, Elvis hair, screeching, small drums, meeting their parents, and multiple "wifebeater" singlet tops. It's been a long and lovely time and I can quite easily say that I have enjoyed EVERY show I have ever been to - so I knew that this show was set to be simply amazing.

While the polyester suit has thankfully been retired, their presence onstage has only developed into one that is hard to fault. They put everything into their live performances and the crowd on Saturday night reacted enthusiastically - enjoying every minute of it. They were a pleasure to photograph live and I can only hope that the fun and energy shows in this set of photos.

*Click on the image to be taken to the gallery with more photos by ME*

The new songs have slipped into their setlist flawlessly and their cover of The Horrors "Jack The Ripper" almost sent me into a mini freak out. I'm super happy I was surrounded by my friends at this show and that we all shared in another fine performance by these lovely boys.

Can someone please tell me that they're playing in Melbourne again soon - I feel like we've been ripped off with no regional shows (out the Mornington way - not Bendigo/Ballarat) on this tour. One show is never enough.

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
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BTW - if you're wondering, The Vasco Era was the band I already had tickets to. I always do

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