Saturday, April 03, 2010

Why I Love:


It's been a while since I posted a "Why I Love" post and I feel it's only fitting that I send a little mention of love to a site and person who has given me years of entertainment and glorious items -

If you have known me for any part of the past 4 years you will have at one point seen me wearing something that I have purchased from I am quite frankly obsessed with the amount of cute affordable accessories that are available in this independently owned and run store.

My love for this site came about when I was living in London working lame temp office jobs. I used to kill time scouring the internet looking at things I couldn't afford at the time (I spent all my money going to see bands - who can blame me right?!?) and stumbled across a cute ghetto blaster necklace that I HAD to have. I bought it while I was still in London and got it sent home to Australia. It was to be my "welcome home" gift.

This online store is the brain child of Shana Victor (who I might add is a lovely, sweet, friendly, warm person who is on my "list to visit one day") and brings together indie artists and their products from across the globe onto one easy to navigate, easy to purchase from shop.

Over the years I have spent a large chunk of some of my payslips on necklaces, plushies, bracelets, rings, tops, dresses, make up and pillows! Every item I have purchased has been of the highest quality and I have been super happy with them.

Rather than go over some of the many cute things you can buy there I thought I'd post in one big bunch some of my "happy shopper" snaps I've taken of myself over the years (a lot of these are older photos - you may have seen them before on flickr or my profile). You'll notice that some items show up more than once (that's because I have my faves)





Though my hair colour changes like the wind, one thing is for certain - I LOVE SHANALOGIC.COM and this love hasn't weakened in that time!

They have amazing service, their shipping is super fast (takes about a week for them to ship to Australia) and you get super special sweet notes on your invoices in the packages.

I have just become an affiliate of so you'll notice their ads on the side of my page from now on in. I promise you that I will not write about something that I do not absolutely love myself on this blog EVER. Shana and her team do an amazing job to find cute, sassy, fun items and I urge you to check them out!

I am already contemplating my next purchases now - I'm thinking the Antique Bicycle Dress & Sad Cookie with maybe a helping of the Happy Cookie to balance it out.

Oh and I only learnt last week that I have been pronouncing the name of her shop ALL wrong. I've been saying "Sh-A-na" when in fact it is more like "Shay-na". Thanks to this new video post that she put up on her blog part of the site for setting me straight.

* Isn't she ADORABLE! *

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
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  1. Yay ghettoblaster necklace! Mind if I post a link to this blog on the "Sabrina's Charm" facebook page?

  2. Go for it :)

    I still wear that ghetto blaster necklace and LOVE IT!

  3. Yay!! This is the very sweetest blog post I've ever read:-) I hope we're still chatting 20 years from now!! xoxo!

  4. YAY Shana :)
    I'm sure we'll still be lurking aroung the net in 20 years time - plus hopefully you'll have made your way to Australia by then or I'll visit the States for the 4th time and come to you :)