Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Birthday madness

On Sunday it was my niece Bridies' 4th birthday. We all headed over to my brothers house to help celebrate with a bbq lunch and lots of Tinkerbell cake.


We got a call in the morning saying that poor little Evie had been sick and did we still want to come over? I figured that Bridie would never have forgiven us if we weren't there so it was worth the risk of illness to attend.

I got there around 1pm - which was apparently late as everyone was already eating lunch. Bridie had already finished her first serving of lunch and came running over to say hello and let me wish her a Happy Birthday. It's funny how people say kids grow up so fast - I always used to think this was just old people being funny but it really is true. I can remember my first cuddle with Bridie when she was only 1 day old.

But I'm digressing

Bridie opened her gifts from the Aunties (and already had the book we bought her so we have to get her a different one) and loved her new copy of Toy Story on DVD (she actually went "aaaahhhhh TOY STORY") and immediately tried on her Tinkerbell PJ's.

We let the kids play for a while - I watched Kyla and Bridie jump around on the trampoline outside while Bridies other cousins (from my sister in laws side) bounced around them too. They also dressed up in Bridies fancy dress and danced around to the Chipmunks singing Katy Perry's "Hot and Cold".


After the kids had worn themselves out we had Tinkerbell cake and mini pavlovas.



The other cousins left not long after cake was eaten and then Bridie decided she wanted to run around outside and that I was a "monster". I chased her and Kyla around the backyard until me feet started to get too cold. We then went inside and started to do lots of different puzzles in her play room.


I took Kyla home around 5pm where she crashed on our couch before her Mum got the chance to come pick her up.

It's absolutely amazing to me how much of a real little person Bridie is now. I know that sounds weird but it's true - she has her own personality and knows what she likes and doesn't like.

It was a fun day spent with the most adorable nieces ever!
Glitter Sparks & Happyness
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