Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Why I love: Becoming a GLEE addict

Welcome to another edition of Why I Love - Today is all about GLEE


It's official.

I have posted about this show months ago when I was competing on the My World Tour competition and to say my feelings for this show have intensified is an understatement. It's quite simple - I'M OBSESSED.

The past week I have watched every episode of GLEE again and even downloaded the newest episodes so I can watch them over and over again whenever I want. I promised myself I wouldn't get ahead of what is showing on our TV (which is about 2 weeks behind the USA) but I broke that promise this past weekend and used up all my download limit.

Tonight I realised I'm in a bad shape when I went searching for all the songs that aren't on any of the soundtracks - I found them and am now listening to them. This takes my collection up to the 88 song mark - 5 hours of Glee music that I can quite easily force upon my work mates (I have been this week but come on - they are classic songs and amazing versions).


The episode that is airing on Australian TV's tomorrow night is quite possibly my favourite episode so far. For anyone playing at home it's the episode that features Neil Patrick Harris - and surprisingly it's not even his storyline that had me hooked. It's Arties.

I think out of any of the characters on this show, the character of Artie is my favourite - he's sweet, smart, resilient and a dreamer. His story is heartbreaking and this episode broke my heart a couple of times over. His "Safety Dance" is by far the best choreography the show has seen and boy can that boy move.

** If you haven't watched this episode yet – WAIT and don’t watch this youtube video **

This show is all about being yourself and dreaming BIG. This is the message that I love – it’s always about the “outcast”, the underdog. It’s about showing that you can do whatever you want as long as you are true to yourself and don’t be someone else because it’s easier.

It’s a brilliant show with an amazingly talented cast - each week I’m intrigued to see what songs they’ll sing and what is going to happen to these characters.

The show was recently signed for a third season – which is crazy, we’re still on season one. I’m stoked that I know I have a whole bunch of episodes still to come.

Am I the only Gleek around or does everyone else love this show as much as me??

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

P.S I want one of these please

P.P.S My hair is currently light pink - I'm waiting til tomorrow to re-bleach and apply purple. But that's another story for another time

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