Monday, June 14, 2010

Music Mondays: British India

So I'm using one bullet to hit two points today with Music Mondays - both an update on band photography and introducing a band I've been going to see live well before they released any of their albums or EP  - British India.


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On Saturday night I had the pleasure of photographing British India at The Corner Hotel for Rave Review. British India are a 4 piece hailing from the suburbs of Melbourne. I first stumbled upon this band when they played support act at a show in April 2005 and it was instant intrigue. Their music had an energy and fervour that I hadn't yet experienced in a local band and their shows soon became a regular feast on the local live music menu.

We were lucky enough to catch them near the beginning of their journey (and get a little thank you on their first EP) and have since seen their shows transform from 20 people in a small room to selling out venues around Melbourne with crowds of people singing along.


I've seen them too many times to keep track of anymore and the thing that keeps me coming back for more is that every show is fun. It's a simple reason but a true one. I always have a blast when I see them - even though I can no longer dance around and jump around with space at their shows anymore, it's nice to sing along and have other people singing along too.

It's still amazing to me to see the different reactions that some of the newer fans have to these guys - on Saturday night while the support band was on I heard some girls squeal when they saw some of the members of the band show up on the side of the stage. These girls were decked out in British India t-shirts and were bubbling with anticipation (I'd guess it was their first time seeing them live). It makes me smile to see that these guys are getting the recognition they so greatly deserve.

They've just released a new album (the reason for the tour) and are still travelling around Australia. Tour dates can be found on their myspace page.

They're the one of few local bands who I can always rely on to put me in a good mood. I can always guarantee that I will have a fun time at their shows and I will always be at the front singing along. It was a different experience to photograph them this time around - but it was nice to be able to capture a little piece of their show to share with everyone.

Find them on:
Twitter (but I don't think they really use this)

If there's one thing I'd like to see in their current setlist is just a little taste of their first EP - those songs brought so much dancing and so much joy into my life and it'd be nice to see how the new legion of British India fans react to a real "old" song played live. Just a little bit of "Counter Culture" next time boys and I'll be going home very happy.

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