Sunday, April 25, 2010


While anyone outside of Australia reading my blog are probably unaware of the importance of this day to Australians. It's a day we set aside to celebrate and remember those Aussie soldiers who helped define our nation.

I was lucky enough to visit Anzac Cove in Turkey back in '07 and while it's somewhere I've always wanted to go to I didn't expect to be so overwhelmed with emotion on my visit.





It was 3 years ago that I was here but these images still stir up that feeling of loss and pride I felt. I'm not going to give a history lesson because I'm sure you'd be able to type ANZAC into google and get a much better explination than what I ever could attempt.

I just want to say thank you to our brave soldiers who have defended our lovely country and helped create our history by being brave and making us all very proud to call ourself Australia.

Peace, love & glitter sparks
x x x

P.S I'm not back yet - I just scheduled this post for while I am away. See you soon!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A quiet week

*image from trekker308 photostream - click on image for more*

It's been a WEEK! That's for sure.

Rather than getting all creative and taking photos of adventures, I've been working each day and being super tired at night while I read a book and try and sleep through thunder storms.

I have been jealously reading about the Coachella Festival and adding it towards the top of my "must see music festivals" (it's up there now with T in the Park and SXSW).

I wish I had better stories to tell tonight but alas I'm tired and ready to curl up in my bed with my book. I need to try and sleep because I'm pretty sure the next 5 days will not involve much of that.

Tomorrow night I am headed back out to the airport to go to Malaysia for 4 nights (2 nights Kuala Lumpur, 2 nights Langkawi). It's a trip through work so while there are a couple of hotel inspections on the list I am also planning on shopping and having the dead skin eaten off my feet by fish (yep!) like this guy:

To be honest I'm a little nervous about that - I don't like things touching my feet but I'm going to give it a try. I'll video it if I get the chance and will update when I get back.

Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend (in Australia - Happy ANZAC day)

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

Friday, April 16, 2010

The line up has landed

I couldn't NOT post about it could I?


The Glastonbury Fesitval announced their line up for this years 40th anniversary festival that I will be attending.

It's spectacular to say the least.

While the headliners will be AMAZING (Hello Muse & Stevie Wonder & Willie Nelson) this year I'm more intruiged by the other stages. I actually don't think I'll be spending heaps of time at that glorious pyramid stage. With artists like We Are Scientists, Foals (I'm thinking I might miss Muse for them *SHOCK* - or maybe a part of Muse for them, depending on the mud situation), Phoenix, Kele Okereke, Jullian Casablancas, La Roux, The Drums, MGMT, Hot Chip, Grizzly Bear and so much more I think this will be another festival that is going to blow my mind!

I feel like this time I'm more prepared - I know what clothes to take, what food I'll want to eat, how much alcohol to lug into the campgrounds, when to avoid the toilets, how many layers of clothes to wear and to ALWAYS take hand sanitiser. I also know to take a rain coat/jacket/poncho - no matter how ugly it is.


This is one festival I'm ready to take on - rain, hail, mud or shine!

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Travel Inspiration

With only 10 weeks to the DAY until I will be in the fields of the Glastonbury Festival in the UK I have been scouring the interent looking at old photos from festivals past. It's been making me get very excited about my upcoming trip.

Some of these photos are simply amazing so I thought I'd share as a part of my travel inspiration.

Sunday Night at Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival 2009

Glastonbury Festival 2009

Glastonbury Festival - Mud Wrestling 

Glastonbury 1998

* All images from Flickr - click on the images to be taken to the original photo collection *

Doesn't it make you wish you were there already?

I'm thinking of making this a regular feature - being a travel agent I am constantly inspired by photographs and am constantly deciding on new and glorious places to visit. Maybe some of these posts will inspire some of you too!

There is nothing better in this life than our infinate ability to travel and experience new places and people.

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

P.S The forum thread that inspired this and is filled with so many more amazing Glastonbury Festival photos can be found HERE . It'll take your breath away

Monday, April 12, 2010 latest shots take 2

On Wednesday the email came around with the newest list of gigs to photograph. Because it usually comes around on a Thursday I felt like I replied a bit too late but managed to get 2 gigs last week.

One of the gigs I was already going to (and had already purchased a ticket to), the other was a group who I have seen a couple of times and I knew they'd put on a fun show.

On Friday night I ventured out and saw Bluejuice at the Prince Bandroom in Melbourne. It was a fun filled night of dancing and photos and karate outfits (srsly). I had a plus one ticket but because of the late notice I didn't manage to find anyone willing to go (I KNOW). So I ventured off by myself to enjoy the festivities.

*Click on image to be taken to and more photos by ME*

Saturday night was a show I have been looking forward to for a LONG time - The Vasco Era at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne. As you've already been told, I have had their new cd on high rotation and can basically not stop listening to it.

I have been to a lot of Vasco shows in the past (it's been about 5 years since I first saw them support Evermore at the Hi Fi Bar) - I've seen them through the blue polyester suits, Grandpa jacket, cape wearing, blood covered bass guitar, long scraggly hair, breaking apart stages, small crowds, big crowds, ep launches, radio performances, lambchops, Elvis hair, screeching, small drums, meeting their parents, and multiple "wifebeater" singlet tops. It's been a long and lovely time and I can quite easily say that I have enjoyed EVERY show I have ever been to - so I knew that this show was set to be simply amazing.

While the polyester suit has thankfully been retired, their presence onstage has only developed into one that is hard to fault. They put everything into their live performances and the crowd on Saturday night reacted enthusiastically - enjoying every minute of it. They were a pleasure to photograph live and I can only hope that the fun and energy shows in this set of photos.

*Click on the image to be taken to the gallery with more photos by ME*

The new songs have slipped into their setlist flawlessly and their cover of The Horrors "Jack The Ripper" almost sent me into a mini freak out. I'm super happy I was surrounded by my friends at this show and that we all shared in another fine performance by these lovely boys.

Can someone please tell me that they're playing in Melbourne again soon - I feel like we've been ripped off with no regional shows (out the Mornington way - not Bendigo/Ballarat) on this tour. One show is never enough.

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

BTW - if you're wondering, The Vasco Era was the band I already had tickets to. I always do

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Strokes are coming! Finally

The Strokes @ Shepherds Bush Empire
*Photo by Guy Eppel - click on image for more*

Tomorrow the pre-sale begins for tickets to see The Strokes when they tour Australia in July. It's been about 4 years since they last graced us with their presence and I unfortunately was not in our fair country last time they toured. I was back at camp for my second visit and while I will never regret that decision or give up that experience for the world The Strokes have been on my lists of "bands I must see" ever since.

They are simply the kings of cool. They helped create and mould this style of music I love, live and breathe called "indie" music and I would like the opportunity to witness this spectacle live.

I have been told that the Julian can either be very on, or very off and that last time they played in Melbourne they weren't fantastic. I've been told that they were absolutely AMAZING (at the same show). I want to be able to decide for myself.

When I heard late last year that they were "re-forming" (or whatever you want to call it) I hoped that they would announce a tour - I just expected it to be towards the end of the year after they've done the rounds (that's usually what bands do - leave our fair country til last) but we've been looked after this time around.

I wish I had more annual leave so I could fly to Sydney and be at that show too - but we all know my luck in doing that recently and I can't really complain I'll have been on 2 holidays in July. I'll make do with Melbourne only (even at Festival Hall).

On Friday July 30th 2010 I will be a very happy girl.

"I went to the concert and I fought through the crowd,
Guess I got too excited when I thought you were around"

Wish me luck on the ticket purchasing tomorrow - I'll be a very sad panda if I miss out but this is only a pre-sale so ONLY POSITIVE THOUGHTS!

Yep I'm excited - it's been a long time coming.

Tell me, there must be someone you're dying to see live - who is it?

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x


Sunday, April 04, 2010


Hello my lovelies,

Today is Easter - the one day of the year that it is acceptable to eat nothing but chocolate (in other words my favourite holiday). Today I have eaten some small solid Red Tulip (FTW) eggs and am starting to think about having actual lunch.

I am about to go around to my older sisters house and try and convince her that the Hannah Montana marathon that is currently on pay-tv is a good idea, but before I do I thought I'd share the new video from one of my favourite bands - We Are Scientists.

It's a funny little video and a fabulous song so enjoy some box heads, awesome dancing and Keith *swoon*

I'm hoping that they'll be playing somewhere in the UK while I am there in June (OH MY) or that they are going to be included on the Glastonbury festival announcement that is coming on TUESDAY (as per Emily Eavis's tweet earlier this week).

Either way I hope you all have a fabulous day today and enjoy the weekend off from work - I know I have been.

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Why I Love:


It's been a while since I posted a "Why I Love" post and I feel it's only fitting that I send a little mention of love to a site and person who has given me years of entertainment and glorious items -

If you have known me for any part of the past 4 years you will have at one point seen me wearing something that I have purchased from I am quite frankly obsessed with the amount of cute affordable accessories that are available in this independently owned and run store.

My love for this site came about when I was living in London working lame temp office jobs. I used to kill time scouring the internet looking at things I couldn't afford at the time (I spent all my money going to see bands - who can blame me right?!?) and stumbled across a cute ghetto blaster necklace that I HAD to have. I bought it while I was still in London and got it sent home to Australia. It was to be my "welcome home" gift.

This online store is the brain child of Shana Victor (who I might add is a lovely, sweet, friendly, warm person who is on my "list to visit one day") and brings together indie artists and their products from across the globe onto one easy to navigate, easy to purchase from shop.

Over the years I have spent a large chunk of some of my payslips on necklaces, plushies, bracelets, rings, tops, dresses, make up and pillows! Every item I have purchased has been of the highest quality and I have been super happy with them.

Rather than go over some of the many cute things you can buy there I thought I'd post in one big bunch some of my "happy shopper" snaps I've taken of myself over the years (a lot of these are older photos - you may have seen them before on flickr or my profile). You'll notice that some items show up more than once (that's because I have my faves)





Though my hair colour changes like the wind, one thing is for certain - I LOVE SHANALOGIC.COM and this love hasn't weakened in that time!

They have amazing service, their shipping is super fast (takes about a week for them to ship to Australia) and you get super special sweet notes on your invoices in the packages.

I have just become an affiliate of so you'll notice their ads on the side of my page from now on in. I promise you that I will not write about something that I do not absolutely love myself on this blog EVER. Shana and her team do an amazing job to find cute, sassy, fun items and I urge you to check them out!

I am already contemplating my next purchases now - I'm thinking the Antique Bicycle Dress & Sad Cookie with maybe a helping of the Happy Cookie to balance it out.

Oh and I only learnt last week that I have been pronouncing the name of her shop ALL wrong. I've been saying "Sh-A-na" when in fact it is more like "Shay-na". Thanks to this new video post that she put up on her blog part of the site for setting me straight.

* Isn't she ADORABLE! *

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Week That Was

It's been one of those weeks that has sent me on a rollercoaster. I've danced along to an eclectic bunch of Gypsy Punks in a crowd filled with all kinds of people, I've watched a man in drag perform a comedy routine and laughed ridiculously for an hour and a half and I've been in desperate need for some rest.

I wish I had some photos to document the craziness of this week but sadly I didn't take either cameras on either adventure.

On Tuesday night I ventured into the city to Billboards to witness Gogol Bordello in all their splendidness. They are a self proclaimed Gypsy Punk band who hail from all over the world. Their music is infectious with every member of the band there to encourage and whip the crowd into a frenzy.

There are some fabulous photos from the Sydney show up at - I'd direct you to the Melbourne photos if they were anywhere.

*EDIT - There are now photos from the Melbourne show up HERE*

I realised after seeing them and dancing around to my favourite song of theirs "Start Wearing Purple" that my own purple revolution began after being in London and seeing them live at Glastonbury. It's become a staple colour in my wardrobe (and hair) since then and I still can't get enough of it. I think it's just like the song says:

"All your sanity and wits they will all vanish
I promise, it's just a matter of time..."

Purple makes me happy and I think the energy and positivity I felt when dancing in the mud at Glastonbury the first time I saw them contributed to that.

Purple Rain II
*Image from CarlaMia's photostream - click on image for more*

Last night I attended my first show of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival - Rich Fulcher from The Mighty Boosh fame as Elenor the Whore. I was a bit concerned at the start because this character on Boosh really annoyed me. I went along not expecting too much and I left with sore cheeks laughing and thoroughly entertained.

It was theatre comedy - he BECAME Elenor. A very funny night out indeed and hopefully not the only MICF show I go to see this year.

I now have 4 days off (thank you Easter) so I'm planning on going to the movies and relaxing. I have a few blog ideas I want to try and get together so I'll try and post them over the weekend.

Who else has a break this Easter? Any plans?

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

P.S If you want to read my review of The Vasco Era's new album "Lucille" (which comes highly recommended by ME) click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page! AND here's the video of their single from that album "Oh Sam" - brilliant
P.P.S Here is the video of that Gogol Bordello Glastonbury performance - I was dancing in the mud with the crowd with huge smile across my face - it was my "Holy shite I'm at Glastonbury" moment!