Sunday, January 23, 2011

Instax 52 weeks - week 3

3 of 52

Week 3 of 52.

My puppy is so cute but sometimes can be so difficult to photograph. He's a bit too hyper and big and hairy but I love him to pieces.

It's been a great weekend. Today I went shopping and although I only bought a heart shaped bag (cute!!!!) I managed to overcome that shopping sadness with a viewing of Black Swan and Salsa for lunch. While I'm on the Black Swan subject I just want to join in on the super love fest that's circulating for Natalie Portman and this movie. It was INTENSE! Brilliantly acted and created and just simply amazing.

Time for me to relax and de-tense by watching Sweet Home Alabama (I know what a change).

Peace out friends
- Brooke

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