Saturday, January 08, 2011 Lightspeed Champion

Last Sunday I ventured out after a day of pyjama wearing watching movies to the East Brunswick Club to photograph Lightspeed Champion's Pyramid Rock Festival Sideshow for (geez try saying that sentance 3 times fast).

I arrived at the venue at 9.45pm (which is relatively early) to find that he was already on-stage - thankfully this was to be an early show which meant a not too late night.

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To be honest I was a little worred about this gig - usually the lighting at the EBC is not the best and it's a pretty dark venue at the best of times - add to that Dev's delicious dark skin and I was worried I wouldn't capture him as well as I should. My worries were not warranted - not only was the lighting moody and atmospheric (but still bright enough) but my newest lens is so awesome the photos turned out lovely. I must be getting better at this.

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The show was glorious - Dev was sweet and charming and his voice was beautiful. I've listened to a little bit of his cd's before but I don't think I've given them enough of my time - his music is delightful.

Check out more of his music at his webite HERE, at his myspace HERE, on his flickr HERE

I've been a busy girl this week - it was my first week as the official manager of my travel agency, I helped unpack all my Grandmas stuff at her new house, and I've seen many lovely bands (one more tonght). I think I'll post some more photos from the bands (all p&s camera) in one blog after tonights show - seems the easier way to write all about them.

Today I'm going to relax, try to stay cool and eat an icy pole before trying to get myself ready in this heat for tonight. It feels like summer has finally arrived.

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
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