Saturday, January 29, 2011

Purple Again

If you couldn't tell already I get very bored with normal coloured hair. Even though over Christmast it felt festive and fun to have bright red hair I had gotten to the point of boredom once again. Add to that the fact that everytime I went anywhere I would see a whole bunch of people with the exact same coloured hair as mine and it was time for a change.

Last night I put a packet mix purple hair dye directly over the red. The last time I dyed my hair red I used the Schwarzkopf new Excellence range and I was happy with how even it came out so I decided to try my luck again and purchased the Brilliance Luminance in the Ultra Violet.


Purple feels like my go to colour when I'm feeling bored. I usually only dye the underneath or a partial chunk of my hair purple but this year I'm going to be brave and embrace the whole head of purpleness.


I love it. It came out so much more even and vibrant than I expected and has mixed so well with the existing red that was already covering my hair. It'll be interesting to see how long this colour holds and what colour it fades to. I think next time I might have to invest in some SFX hair colour but for now this is perfect.

I really would love to put a streak of turquoise in the side of this hair - maybe that will be step 2.

What do you think? Do you have a go to hair colour?

Peace out
 - Brooke

P.S It appears the only place inside my house that I can get great lighting is in the bathroom with me sitting in the bath or leaning over it. Does that happen to anyone else? What are some tips for getting better natural light in your shots? What do you do?

P.P.S That necklace was a Christmas gift that my sisters bought from - you can get your own HERE. The silver stars in my hair are Christmas card peg clips that I bought from Big W super cheap. I have a whole bunch of them just laying around. I use them to display my instax mini photos but I think the silver goes well with my new hair colour.

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  1. you look amazing as usual! I always go outside or stand facing a big window when I want my hair color to stand out:-)