Sunday, May 15, 2011

Team Coco + Thor = hilarious

I've always liked finding the occasional funny interview online from Conan O'Briens show but in the past couple of weeks I've become obsessed with and the amazing tid-bits that I've found there. We don't have Conan on any of our free to air tv channels so I am currently spending hours going through old videos (thank goodness there's no "area" limitations & I can watch them) and laughing at my laptop screen.

As a part of the lead up to the release of Thor in the USA Conan did something that for some reason made me crack up big time and I just had to share.

There are two other trailers here and here AND you'd better believe that I now have a new ringtone thanks to 

I saw Thor in 2D when it came out here and I seriously loved it. Comic book movies have come a long way and are easily some of my favourite movies. It's funny, witty, action-packed and really entertaining - a real escape. Plus there is the bonus of Chris Hemsworth representing the awesomeness of Australian actors and Kat Dennings. 


I'm so happy to have a new fun fave website to enjoy.

 - Brooke

*** EDIT - I've just been informed that apparently Conan airs late at night on one of our tv channels. Apparently it airs at 11.30pm on GEM - HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?!


  1. I must see Thor... I also must come back to your blog to watch the video. My speakers aren't hooked up and hubs is sleeping ha.

  2. Oh Amy the best part of this is the sound effects!!!
    Plus you must see Thor it's so fun :)