Sunday, May 15, 2011 A few bands

I've had a couple of photography assignments over the past few weeks - I think today is about the day to catch up and share. 

I love photographing bands - it allows me to try and capture those little moments at a gig that I've been living for years. Plus I like making these bands look good. 


First gig was British India - if you've been following my blog at all I've posted about these boys a couple of times. Basically they're awesome and I heart them and their music a lot. Photographing them live is always fun because they're so energetic and put on a great live show.


Second up was one of Red Riders last shows in Melbourne (absolute last one is on June 17th). They supported Children Collide on their tour. I won't really go into the first show we were at (it ended in some guy shoving me three times in the chest and me almost punching him in the face) but the second show (which these photos were taken) was much funner (except some person kept dropping stink bombs in the venue). I will miss Red Riders when they're through - I'll be at both of their final shows but I'm sure I'll post about that some other time. 


Children Collide were pretty good too :) They felt like the kind of band I would have loved 5 years ago. I never really got into their music - they put on a fantastic show though, very energetic and the crowd certainly loved them. 

As normal - just click on the photos to be taken to the galleries. 

Happy snapping
 - Brooke

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