Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thailand = SOON!

Yesterday I received my itinerary for this Thailand trip I'm leaving for on Wednesday night (6 sleeps!). I'm pretty excited by the itinerary that was sent through to me. I'll be going on this adventure with strangers who work for the same travel agency as I do - it throws me out of my comfort zone, but at least I'll be in amazing places while doing so.

05-Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui1

This is the Centara Grand Beach Resort in Koh Samui - THIS is the hotel I'm staying at for 2 nights (EEP!). It's located on Chaweng Beach, one of the most popular areas in Koh Samui. We have a whole bunch of free time while in Koh Samui but we're also being taken on an Island tour as well as a Thai Cooking class (!!!). 

The pool area at Bandara Resort

This is the pool at the Bandara Resort in northern Koh Samui - this is where I'll be staying for 1 night. We will have a bunch of free time and I plan to relax at this amazing pool or maybe down by the beach or maybe figure out if we can go snorkelling - oh the possibilities!!! 

Centara Grand at Central World

And finally here is the Centara Grand at Central World in Bangkok - this is the hotel where we spend our last night before coming home. We will be taken on a Loy Nava dinner cruise on a traditional converted rice barge. Scariest thing about this hotel is that it's connected to one of the largest malls in South-East Asia - I just cleared my credit card debt.

All these photos I found on flickr so I'll be sure to take lots and lots and lots of photos and share when I get home. I leave on Wednesday night and will be back on the 31st (I think it's the following Tuesday). I'm very very excited about this trip - I've never been to Thailand and it's somewhere I send lots and lots of people to. Plus it's been super cold here atm and I'm ready for some sunshine!

 - Brooke

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