Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A little trip down memory lane


Today I re-organised my bedroom. 

My mum managed to get some bedside tables and a dresser for free from her work and since I had a day off it seemed a perfect chance to fill the drawers and make these new pieces of furniture feel more me.

As I was cleaning out the drawers of my old bedside table I stumbled upon a collection of mine that has been growing for years now - ticket stubs from gigs and concerts I've been to. I found tickets from as early as 2004, tickets from shows I'd forgotten about and tickets from shows that were so amazing I can still remember crazy details about them. I also found a bunch of old set-lists that I've been fortunate to collect from some of these shows too.

After the pain of organising my bedroom this was a nice little trip down memory lane. My instagram feed was taking a beating today because as soon as I found something that was fun I took a photo and posted it.

This is why I've been collecting these ticket stubs all these years - so that I have something tangible to remind myself years down the track how I lived through my 20's.

Smiles & love
 - Brooke

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