Monday, May 23, 2011

School Reunion madness


On Saturday night I went to my 10 year High School Reunion. The above photo was the only one I took the entire night - I don't think I even had my camera with me.

I'll be honest, I had a bit of anxiety the week leading up to Saturday night. There was something about being placed back into the group of people I grew up with that just had me feeling a bit funny. 

I didn't have a terrible High School experience - there was no massive traumatic "Carrie" moment, no bullying, I wasn't an outsider, I had friends and for the most part was relatively happy, but there was just something that was bothering me all week. 

I was talking to a couple of friends about it before heading out on Saturday night we figured it possibly had something to do with seeing people who were there through all those awkward stages of growing up that was bringing back that feeling of being a 15 year old girl again. It also forces you to realise that 10 YEARS have gone by since High School - 10 YEARS! You're forced to sit down and take a good look at your life and the things you've done. I have to say I'm quite happy with my life experiences so far but it didn't stop the anxiety.

The worries were totally unfounded because I had a fantastic night. It was fun to hang out and chat to people who I haven't seen in 10 years. It was fun to find out about their lives and talk to them about what they've been doing for the past 10 years. It was fun to drink too much and laugh and giggle about lots of different silly things. It was fun to see who's married/engaged/single/has kids and it was fun to see so many happy people in one room. 

Saturday night made me realise that I grew up with some amazingly awesome people. It was great to re-connect with people who I've caught up with a little via facebook and to see that they are still just as awesome in real life. Everyone was lovely and were there to have a great fun time. I loved hearing about their successes and adventures. I laughed a lot and drank a lot and paid for it the next morning when I had to get up and go to the footy (which thankfully we ended up winning after a massive fourth quarter effort by the boys). 

It funny to think about how I was feeling at the start of the week - it just goes to show that sometimes we worry about silly little things and the worry is totally unnecessary. 

Less stressed
 - Brooke

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thailand = SOON!

Yesterday I received my itinerary for this Thailand trip I'm leaving for on Wednesday night (6 sleeps!). I'm pretty excited by the itinerary that was sent through to me. I'll be going on this adventure with strangers who work for the same travel agency as I do - it throws me out of my comfort zone, but at least I'll be in amazing places while doing so.

05-Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui1

This is the Centara Grand Beach Resort in Koh Samui - THIS is the hotel I'm staying at for 2 nights (EEP!). It's located on Chaweng Beach, one of the most popular areas in Koh Samui. We have a whole bunch of free time while in Koh Samui but we're also being taken on an Island tour as well as a Thai Cooking class (!!!). 

The pool area at Bandara Resort

This is the pool at the Bandara Resort in northern Koh Samui - this is where I'll be staying for 1 night. We will have a bunch of free time and I plan to relax at this amazing pool or maybe down by the beach or maybe figure out if we can go snorkelling - oh the possibilities!!! 

Centara Grand at Central World

And finally here is the Centara Grand at Central World in Bangkok - this is the hotel where we spend our last night before coming home. We will be taken on a Loy Nava dinner cruise on a traditional converted rice barge. Scariest thing about this hotel is that it's connected to one of the largest malls in South-East Asia - I just cleared my credit card debt.

All these photos I found on flickr so I'll be sure to take lots and lots and lots of photos and share when I get home. I leave on Wednesday night and will be back on the 31st (I think it's the following Tuesday). I'm very very excited about this trip - I've never been to Thailand and it's somewhere I send lots and lots of people to. Plus it's been super cold here atm and I'm ready for some sunshine!

 - Brooke

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Excited? YES!

zooey deschanel

When I heard that Zooey Deschanel's new pilot was picked up by FOX in the USA I was excited. It sounded like a cute premise - neurotic girl who's just been dumped moves in with 3 boys and drama ensues. Yeah it's a simple story that has been done to death but after seeing the preview below I think this will work (mainly due to the cuteness that is Zooey).

Adding to the funnies is Max Greenfield (the super cute Deputy Leo for all those Veronica Mars fans) as one of the boys. It's nice to see him in something again.

I guess this will lessen the chance that Zooey will bring her super sweet band She & Him to Australia anytime soon.

 - Brooke

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Team Coco + Thor = hilarious

I've always liked finding the occasional funny interview online from Conan O'Briens show but in the past couple of weeks I've become obsessed with and the amazing tid-bits that I've found there. We don't have Conan on any of our free to air tv channels so I am currently spending hours going through old videos (thank goodness there's no "area" limitations & I can watch them) and laughing at my laptop screen.

As a part of the lead up to the release of Thor in the USA Conan did something that for some reason made me crack up big time and I just had to share.

There are two other trailers here and here AND you'd better believe that I now have a new ringtone thanks to 

I saw Thor in 2D when it came out here and I seriously loved it. Comic book movies have come a long way and are easily some of my favourite movies. It's funny, witty, action-packed and really entertaining - a real escape. Plus there is the bonus of Chris Hemsworth representing the awesomeness of Australian actors and Kat Dennings. 


I'm so happy to have a new fun fave website to enjoy.

 - Brooke

*** EDIT - I've just been informed that apparently Conan airs late at night on one of our tv channels. Apparently it airs at 11.30pm on GEM - HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?! A few bands

I've had a couple of photography assignments over the past few weeks - I think today is about the day to catch up and share. 

I love photographing bands - it allows me to try and capture those little moments at a gig that I've been living for years. Plus I like making these bands look good. 


First gig was British India - if you've been following my blog at all I've posted about these boys a couple of times. Basically they're awesome and I heart them and their music a lot. Photographing them live is always fun because they're so energetic and put on a great live show.


Second up was one of Red Riders last shows in Melbourne (absolute last one is on June 17th). They supported Children Collide on their tour. I won't really go into the first show we were at (it ended in some guy shoving me three times in the chest and me almost punching him in the face) but the second show (which these photos were taken) was much funner (except some person kept dropping stink bombs in the venue). I will miss Red Riders when they're through - I'll be at both of their final shows but I'm sure I'll post about that some other time. 


Children Collide were pretty good too :) They felt like the kind of band I would have loved 5 years ago. I never really got into their music - they put on a fantastic show though, very energetic and the crowd certainly loved them. 

As normal - just click on the photos to be taken to the galleries. 

Happy snapping
 - Brooke

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh to be awesome


These pictures of Tina Fey makes me want to find some roller skates and Hubba Bubba bubblegum and figure out how to roller skate again. I haven't watched her hosting episode of SNL yet but I'm pretty excited. I'm quite sure anything she does is awesome, because quite frankly SHE is awesome.

I've been having blogger issues this past week so I've been unable to post for a while. I've got some posts planned for this week, including an update on band photography, updates on some travel plans and whatever else comes my way. 

Peace out
 - Brooke

Monday, May 02, 2011

2 May 1998 - The Battle of Hogwarts


Today marks the anniversary of the (fictional) Battle of Hogwarts (2 May 1998).  While I know this wasn't a real battle I can't let this day pass without comment. 

I can remember when the final book in this saga was released - I was in Athens about to head to the airport to catch a flight to Istanbul. I was with my sister and American BFF Storm and we had decided that no matter what it took, we were finding this book in Athens. I had already looked up possible places that might sell it and we started our journey to find this final chapter in a country where the main language was not English.

Luck was on our side that day - we found it in a small book shop (in ENGLISH) for some ridiculous price (I think it was 30 Euros - about $65 AUD at the time). Stormy was feeling generous and bought it for me for my birthday.

I can remember opening the book and blocking everything else out. I spent the entire next day lying in my hostel in Istanbul pouring over every word. I can remember reading of the deaths of Hedwig & Dobby with tears streaming down my face. I can remember freaking out every time something bad happened thinking J.K Rowlings was going to kill off one character and then a different one. I can remember reading the battle and feeling mad/sad/horrified as key characters fell and didn't get back up. I can remember feeling really proud when other characters fought back and I remember proclaiming "YES!" aloud when Mrs Weasley finally let loose. I remember Snapes' story finally being told.

These stories were such a massive part of my life for such a long time (I think I got into them around the time of book 2's release) that's it hard for me not to feel emotional about the final movie coming out in July. I'm starting to get the Lord of the Rings dread creep up whenever I think about the final movie. I feel like I've felt these emotions before and I didn't like it last time - that finality is overwhelming.

I'm pretty sure I had to stop myself from crying when I watched the trailer that was released last week (mainly because I was at work - if I had have been at home when I watched it, I would have cried... A LOT). I know that anyone who would have wanted to watch this will have already, but I think it's worth another watch (or multiple), at least until we get the full movie.

For anyone wanting a more in-depth look at the trailer (with a breakdown of the scenes) the awesome movie nerds over at Empire Magazine posted one. I managed to spot a lot of the things they mention, but even a try HP nerd misses things (like Draco in the background as Voldemort wanders past all the bodies on the ground - MALFOY MANOR).

All I can say is accio July 15th (or maybe 14th for us Aussies)

Much HP nerd love
 - Brooke

P.S I know massive things happened in our real world today, but sometimes it's ok to to put your focus onto other things.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Today was...


A new book in a series' that I love.


Curls in my hair using my new "Curl Magic".


Watching my beloved football team win in the rain, under a beautiful night sky.


Hot jam donuts covered in sugar to warm me up on a cold wet evening.

How was your Sunday?

x x x
 - Brooke