Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monkeys, kookiness and lists


Last week as I previously mentioned was a super busy week. Not only was I back at work after a bit of a break over New Years but I also attended 4 different gigs. Every year in Australia there are a few music festivals and the week after New Years we are inundated with amazing shows that I can never pass up.

This year I went to 2 x Arctic Monkeys shows (supported by Miles Kane), The Kooks and then CSS. All of these bands I have seen before so I can't count them as new bands, but they were all so fabulous. 

It was so nice to see these bands again as they have all evolved and grown as performers since the last time I've seen them. I first saw Arctic Monkeys back in 2007 when they headlined Glastonbury and also saw The Kooks and CSS at the same festival. They were all still relatively new bands back then so I think the fact that I'm still willing to buy and listen to their music and go to see them live is pretty impressive (I didn't realise that I saw all three at Glastonbury back then until I was typing this - weird).


These photos are just a few iPhone snaps I took at the shows - not the greatest quality but I'm hanging to get a new point and shoot camera so they'll have to do for now. I'm hoping I can get a new one before I attend the "Big Day Out" festival at the end of the month. 

I've also been seriously considering #12 on my 50 things list and I may have just found the most perfect image. 


The original image on the left is from (surprise surprise) Jack's Mannequin's latest album art and it has pretty much everything I could desire - cat, asterisk, simple but beautiful. I don't know if it looks better "normal" or if it were more a line image (hence the inverted image) - thoughts?

I have had it in my mind for YEARS that I've wanted the asterisk somewhere on my body - I read an interview with Andrew about the meaning of the symbol and his band and his meaning made sense. It is inspired by a quote from Siddartha "the river is everywhere", the asterisk's is the lines that represent life and all the things around you, and everything intersects meaning everything and everyone is connected uniting the universe. Now I have to work up the courage to get it done.

Wish me luck 
 - Brooke

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