Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Makeup Tutorial: Neon Lights

I know I've been going on about Lime Crime make-up since I started writing this thing but the truth is that this makeup is THAT good. I've fallen head-over-heels for this stuff and it makes me excited to plan my makeup when I go out.

It's been a while since I've been this excited about makeup - I love just about everything about it. The colours are bright and are easy to apply, blend and fix (if you make a mistake).

I've been spending a bit of time playing around with the colours I have got and now I'm waiting for the most recent order I placed to arrive at my house so that I have new colours to play with.

I thought it was about time to post some of my creations on here so that you can see I'm not all talk when it comes to this makeup. I WOULDN'T be going on about it if I didn't love it so much. I also thought I'd share how I created the look so that if you feel you love it so much you can try it yourself :)

What I used:

Eyeshadows: Lime Crime Magic Eye Dusts in Cleopatra, Elf, Empress & Nymph

Eyes: white eyeliner (I used Prestige waterproof eyeliner in star) & black mascara

With a medium brush I applied Cleopatra (orange) to the inner eye - starting at the inner corner to about the centre of the eyelid. With a slightly smaller brush I applied Empress (purple) to the outer half of the eye - starting from the outer corner to the edge of the Cleopatra shade - blend slightly where the colours join.

With a flat brush I applied Empress across the crease of my eyelid starting at the inner corner right the way to the outer corner of my eye. You can bring the colour out as high as you desire - for a more dramatic look bring the colour higher to your brow bone.

I wet a small flat brush and applied Elf (green) to the lower lashes pulling the colour outwards. To highlight my eyes I applied Nymph (white/gold) to the inner eye and along the brow bone, I also applied white eyeliner to the lower lashline.

Then apply black mascara - If I had have been going out at night time I would have applied liquid liner to the upper lashes, I think I would have used a turquoise or purple.

Well thats it! That's how I created this look! I like this style a lot and have substituted the colours a few times to create totally different looks. It's easy to do and doesn't take too long to master.

What do you think? Do you want to see more of these?

Love & Sparkles
x x x

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  1. Great look!

    I'd love to see more tutorials.

  2. Thanks Sarah.

    I'm having too much fun playing with all this make-up so you're sure to see more

    x x

  3. Can you do my makeup like this??