Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sparks of Happyness - week 4

* Bob Evans picutre from past tour - taken by ME*

Another week has passed. I had intended to post a few different articles this week on things that have been happening and more things I love but life caught up with me this week. (Well life and season 3 of Bones).

So what made me squee with happyness this week?

Unexpected new purchases - I went shopping on Saturday with the sister and we wandered around Fountain Gate. I didn't really have my eyes out to purchase anything but I walked away with a super cute denim dress. Most denim dresses I have seen around have been that "shirt dress" style but this one I found in Kmart (of all the places) is in no way like that. It's dark denim and I can't even describe it but it has a 60's feel to it. I love it! I also bought new bright bonds underwear, a 2009 calendar, a new book (that I am yet to start reading) and I've found the shoes I've been wanting for AGES with a more "Brooke-sized" heel (I didn't buy them but I will - the website has them on sale - I'll try them on tonight and buy them soon).

Bob Evans - I went to two of his shows last week. He's so adorable and love-able and his songs are simply magical. On Thursday night we ventured into a venue we had never been to before - The Toff in Town - and it was amazing! As we walked through the doors of the bandroom it felt like we had been transported back to London to one of the many small beautiful venues that we'd been to previously. It was the PERFECT venue to see Bob Evans acoustically and I think the venue added an extra something to the experience. The second show was with his full band so it was totally different to the first night - no less fabulous and no less beautiful. He has a new album coming out in the new year so I'm looking forward to more tours and more shows and more songs.

Spending Sunday market shopping with my Mum - On Sunday I woke up, put on my new dress, applied some bright eyeshadow and put a bow in my hair and went to the local market with my mum. We haven't had a day together without nieces/sisters/other family members in a long time and it was lovely to spend the day with her. We bought Christmas decorations, yo yo biscuits and looked for Christmas presents. The market was a bit of a bust (apart from the yo yo biscuits) so we headed to Fountain Gate to look at Chrsitmas decorations. We found a bright, glittery "Merry Christmas" sign and some Santas. My Mum gets a Christmas decoration each year for the family members who are not at home and I always have fun helping her pick them out.

Decorating the office in Christmas decorations - I LOVE this time of year. It's all about tinsel and Santas and bright shiney things that most people see as taboo year round (not me). It's fun to see people getting into the spirit. I love driving past houses where the owners have put in that extra effort and covered their house with sparkling Christmas lights. We don't decorate our house until after my Dad's birthday (December 9th) so while I don't have Christmas love in my house, it's EVERYWHERE else!

Shana Logic orders arriving - I love recieving mail especially when the parcel is filled with cute robot plushies, new adorable necklaces and 2 bright new Lime Crime eyeshadows. So bright, so beautiful - I should really start taking pictures of my make-up creations and posting them here so that there is visual proof of it's wow-ness! Bridie saw me with my new purple shadow on and went "oooohhhh purple... preeeetttyy" - so it has her stamp of approval :)

Honorable mentions
- work visits from sweet nieces, long conversations with friends while at work, ordering new Lime Crime makeup, ORDERING THAT SEQUIN HOODIE, eating kiwi fruits with spoons, summer fruits in season, twitter on my iPhone, dreaming of Macbooks, deciding that new shoes I buy will have heels from now on (thanks for the inspiration Gala), looking at cute pictures on the internet, finding Christmas headbands to convert to Christmas badges, & watching lots and lots of Bones on DVD.

I have so much coming up this week it's crazy! I will be so super busy until well after Christmas. I AM GOING TO SEE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 TONIGHT and I'm super excited about it!!! I am also going to see Twilight on Sunday. I can't even think about that one though.

How was your week? Sock it to me, tell me about the fabulous things that happened...

Super love & sparkles

x x x


Song of the moment = MGMT - Kids Oracular


  1. Hey! I found you through iCiNG and thought I'd drop by! Looks like we have things in common - I, too, like Bob Evans, I often have a song of the week on my TiLT list, I LOVE shanalogic stuff etc...great happy list this week :D Hope you're well!

  2. Thanks Bella :)

    I sometimes wonder if this is just my open letter to the universe or if people actually read this...

    Bob Evans is the cutest and we totally have stuff in common - goes to show what great taste you have :)