Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sparks of Happyness - week 5

*photo of Bridie - taken by me*

It's that time of the week again... I feel like this week past has been filled with so many things that made my heart want to explode that I don't even know where to start :)

My beautiful niece - This week was the week of Bridie. On Sunday the family went to her "music recital" (remember that she is 2 1/2 years old) where she danced on a tiny stage, sang, clapped and was totally cute. She was one of the only kids who didn't need their mum onstage with them (they were all teeny tots) and she smiled and looked like she was having a ball! We also went out for dinner on Tuesday night for my Dad's birthday and I was lucky enough to be sitting next to Bridie for dinner. She was so adorable - we read books together and ate our dinner (well kind of) and she LOVED my new sequin hoodie :)

RAZORLIGHT TOURING IN JANUARY - I still can't find the words to describe just how excited I am about this. I bought my tickets on Tuesday for the Melbourne show and I CAN'T WAIT! They have never toured Australia here and FINALLY after 3 albums they have decided to journey to our shores.

I have been in love with this band since the first time I heard Johnny's voice blast through my speakers. I can remember the DAY I bought their first album - it was December 2004 - I was going through a change with my music tastes, trying to find something new, and for some reason their first album completely pulled me in. It opened me up to a whole different genre of music and I've never looked back. British Indie Rock/Pop is pretty much the back-bone of my music because of them.

I travelled to a small French town about 2 hours from Paris last year JUST to see them because I was tired of waiting for a tour. It was one of my aims of our European trip (I only really had 2 - go to the Glastonbury Festival & see Razorlight live). I have seen them play every song from the first 2 albums that I wanted them to play so this tour is new songs plus bonus super amazing fun!

Twilight the movie - I saw it, I loved it, I'm seeing it again on Friday night. I had a fun afternoon on Sunday - travelled with my sister to a cinema we don't usually go to (because it's further away than our local ones), we were early so we looked around the shopping centre a bit and both ended up with dresses - mine was on sale *joy*. Then we met our friend Julz for some Twilight action. When we were waiting in the cinema for it to start it reminded me of the excitement I held before seeing the third Lord of the Rings movie (am I revealing too much geek-dom?). I won't go on and on about it... Just KNOW it made me (a very big fan of the books) very very happy. After the movie we went and ate food, drank beer and talked about the movie for a REALLY long time.

High School Musical 3 - Yes I am a fan, yes I saw it the night it came out, yes I loved it... I just wasn't expecting the squeals and outcry of love from all the 8 year old girls in the audience. It was WAY better than the 2nd HSM and I want to see it again and again! The songs, the dances, the sets - all spectacular. My sister (who is 23) coped some crap from the people at her work after she said she was going to see it and I told her to tell them "don't knock it til you try it". I am a huge fan of musicals so I was always going to love it - it's cheesy, it's fun and Zac Efron is destined to be a super star!

Creating Christmas decorations - I spent almost an entire day at work (it's been quiet) cutting out and creating elves & reindeer & sleighs for our window display. It looks cute and festive and it makes the office feel a little bit more Christmassy :)

Honourable mentions - finding gifts for that hard person to buy for, the other niece and her crazy ways, new boots, Forever 21 orders arriving, planning USA holidays, comments on my posts (knowing people are reading and enjoying what I write makes me smile), catching up on Amazing Race episodes, super long weekends that are filled with busy stuff, new iPhone applications (ProPol is my new fave - it turns photos into polaroids - like only not as good but I don't have a MAC so it's a good substitute), delicious Greek dinner with workmates, spanakopita (delicious), Rob Pattinson as Edward *swoon*, being able to look at Twilight related websites again, making gifts for friends overseas, making Christmas brooches & birthday dinners with the family (my Dad's birthday).

Tonight I am going to see MGMT & I'm super excited. I'm going to dress in sequins and dance like a crazy person. I'm then going to the Nevereverland festival on Sunday to again dress in sequins and dance like a crazy person. AND then I have Alicia Keys to see on Wednesday night - you guessed it, I'm going to dress in sequins and dance like a crazy person :) Are you seeing a theme for my week ahead - great music + sequins + crazy dancing = fabulousness!

Oh and I just bought tickets for Twilight tomorrow night - eeep! - and am having dinner with some friends who I haven't seen in a while (but have spoken to on the phone a lot this past week because I'm bored at work).

Tell me about your week... Was is as super squee worthy as mine??? Share!

Super duper love & sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = Razorlight - Fall, Fall, Fall

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