Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sparks of Happyness - week 6

*REAL polaroid pic taken by random Jagermeister promo girl*

Thursday is quickly becoming my favourite day of the week :) Why? BECAUSE OF THIS! Thank you again Gala Darling :)

What rocked my socks this past week? Well just read on my friends...

Alicia Keys - Yes oh yes... I went and saw her last night at Rod Laver Arena and she was super fantastic, fabulous *insert lots of happy amazing adjectives*!!! It's been quite a few years since she last toured Australia and she made up for it last night. I sometimes forget how much her songs remind me of my life in America. Her second album can quite easily be the theme music for my 1st American trip and when she played some of those songs last night it gave me chills and my eyes welled up (silly emotional girl). She is a beautiful, inspiring lady and her outfit was super cute also. I don't think I've heard Rod Laver Arena cheer as loudly for an artist as I did last night. Highlight songs = No One, Fallin', Superwoman, If I Ain't Got You & How Come You Don't Call Me. She is a superstar!

Lime Crime orders arriving - Yep this make up makes me THAT happy :) I got 3 new colours and Crystal got 3 new colours. The Siren colour is SOOOO beautiful and so unlike any other colour I have in my collection. Expect new photos of my new creations soon. So far I have 2 new looks but I'm sure come next week I'll have a lot more - I just have to remember to photograph them! I haven't tried to use the new glitters but they look so super bright and sparkly in the containers. I still *squee* with happyness everytime I open one of the colours.

Nevereverland Festival - On Sunday Crystal and I headed to the Myer Music Bowl in M-Town with 2 of our friends. A long time ago it used to be the 4 of us at lots and lots of local shows - we'd drink, dance and laugh - but we haven't done that for a while. It was fun to spend the day dancing, drinking and laughing while watching some kick-arse artists strut their stuff on stage. I finally managed to (kind of) break the "Curse of the Klaxons" as well! By kind of I mean that I got to see them and I wasn't horribly ill/being crushed almost to my death/standing near boys who pee in cups and throw their urine on the crowd - but their instruments did all cut out at the same time for about 30 seconds. A small price to pay but they were still fantastic! Oh and it was fun to see my dear friend Retro Dave - sorry Dave the Block-head :) - he always brings a smile to my face.

Watching Long Way Down in full (finally) - Ewan McGregor + Charlie Boorman + motorbikes + Africa = a fantastic documentary series! I've had this series on DVD for as long as I've been home from the UK (so just about a year) and I've always meant to sit down and give it the attention and time it deserves. I knew I'd love it - I loved the last one and I loved the book - but other things always got in the way. Well I FINALLY spent the week watching an episode here and there and finished it the other day - it was marvellous!

CHRISTMAS! - We got our Christmas tree put up and mum pulled out all her Christmas decorations. Our lounge room is Santa & snowmen & reindeer & tinsel central! I love waking up in the morning, opening my bedroom door and being hit in the face with the smell of our Christmas tree! Our house feels festive now and I am looking forward to Christmas more and more!

Honourable mentions = My mum using my phrase "my brain is going to explode", boys thinking that smearing mushed baked potato on Crystal's jeans is a turn-on, MGMT (the crowd sucked but they were splendid), watching a super drunk girl at MGMT try to drunk text a boy and failing so many times, making beaded bracelets, wrapping fabulous Christmas presents, FALLS FESTIVAL timetable being released and I get to dance the New Year in with THE HIVES! & then continue the dancing with Late of the Pier, buying Dylan Moran tickets for April, seeing Pete & Linda at Alicia Keys, my new boots being worn almost everywhere when I go out, seeing Twilight again and still loving it, fabulous Polaroid photos, new HSM pens, JB Hi-Fi Christmas parties (even though I haven't worked for them in over 18 months), seeing TRACEY again!, our store wining a spot on an incentive, & seeing my niece in pigtails (a-la Pippi Longstocking) for the first time :)

I'm going out for dinner with my super friends tonight, movies with my another super fabulous friend on Friday night and then it's work Christmas bbq on Sunday and then it's CHRISTMAS!!!!

Tell me about your week... Fun? Fabulous? Fantastic?

Super duper love & sparkles
x x x

Song of the moment = Alicia Keys - No One

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