Friday, February 05, 2010

Hockey at the Hi Fi Bar Feb 3rd 2010

Reason #557 why I need my own computer - so I can post when I want, not when the computer is free!


Wednesday nights are usually a strange night to head into the city for a show, this week was not different. It's "hump day" - the day that you're just getting used to the work week and you've recovered from the tiredness caused by the weekend.

On Wednesday I journeyed into the city to FINALLY see the band Hockey live properly. Why do I say finally? Well attempt #1 occurred when we were at Lollapalooza Festival last year. They were supposed to be the first band we watched that weekend, instead we were greeted by 2 songs, possibly 3, and then the sound completely cut out for the rest of their set *insert mega sad face*


The night didn't start so well as we were driving to the venue I recieved a text from a friend informing me that the support band wasn't playing and there was a dj spinning tracks while the cool kids sat on the steps and chatted noisily.

When we arrived we found our lovely friend and headed to the bar to kill some time.

After standing around chatting in a slowly filling room at 10pm the lights dimmed and five shapes emerged onto the stage.

They start off straight to the point with “Work” and the energy level on stage feels a little off. The crowd react happily at the end of the songs but the vast majority are clearly not huge fans. Front man Ben Grubin feels like the kind of artist who feeds off the crowd and for 50% of the set he wasn’t getting much from them to feed off of.


That being said it was very hard to fault Hockey. While the energy levels from the crowd were lacking through some of the songs, musically the band were flawless. Each song was delivered with precision and energy that was hard to resist. Highlights of the set came in the form of the big single “Song Away” and the energetic dance tune “Put The Game Down”.

The mood was relaxed as the harmonica came out and the band performed a superb version of “Four Holy Photos” that had my friend (who had admitted earlier in the night that this was her least favourite song from the album due to the country twang) smiling and suitably impressed.

New song “Get Married Late” started out feeling very Vampire Weekend-ish but soon transformed into a sound that is pure Hockey.

It was a fun, danceable evening that I got to share with new friends and old friends and I left the Hi Fi Bar with a big smile on my face. It was lovely to finally see this band live, I just hope next time they tour the crowd shows a better appreciation for them.

I left the venue with another setlist to add to my growing collection (it’s a skill I tell you) and a new Cobra Starship poster that was ripped down off the wall by my sister and stuffed in my bag. It’s now proudly hanging on my wall so I can get excited about their impending tour (and my impending tour to Sydney and Brisbane to see them).

I have a few more ideas on where to take this blog so stick with me as I develop and explore!

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

P.S I am purchasing a new "point & shoot" camera that will capture photos at gigs. These photos in this post are all mine but my trusty Canon IXUS 50 is on it's last breath - 90% of the photos I took were blurry as it's just not as fast as it used to be *mega sad face*


  1. Baaaarooke!
    Howdy there my friend.
    I'm in the same situation. My point and shoot is no longer even pointing and shooting!
    That being said I still like the shots you've got here!

  2. Oh! What are you looking into getting? I've been thinking about getting one of the new Fugi FinePix. The FinePix Z70 or FinePix AX200

  3. Oh Sabrina I have no idea yet!!!
    I'm a big fan of all things Canon so I'll probably just upgrade to a newer IXUS - maybe I DON'T KNOW! I have to figure out by Thursday because that is when I'm buying it!!!
    All I know is it needs to be compact and awesome :)

  4. Ah, so that's the name of the new song they did, thank you for the info. (Last month I too saw Hockey for the second time.)