Sunday, February 07, 2010

Homework Assignment

Its started.

I told you all I'd be updating the progress of this month’s Radical Self Love challenge and so I begin.

Our first assignment was to get a notebook that will become our Radical Self Love bible and write in the first page an invocation or promise to ourselves for what we want out of this month.

I went shopping today and stumbled across the 3 pack of lined Moleskin journals that Gala mentioned in her video. I've wanted to try out the Moleskin journals for a while now but have struggled to find a good size or style as our choices are very limited here in Oz. Not today!


Here's how I decorated my book and my first page promise to myself.



My basic promise to myself is to explore opportunities that I have previously been afraid of. I've already begun by requesting to become a contributor for a couple of online music websites as a photographer. I am yet to hear back from them but I did send off my requests Friday evening so fingers crossed.

I also want to spend more time writing on my blog (which is a given) and focus on getting myself into a certain dress that I purchased from Modcloth by March.

Those are my goals to keep me happy and mainly to make me smile more. I'm basically a pretty laid back happy person but I too have negative thoughts about myself and those thoughts are what I want to rid myself of.

On my shopping adventure today I stumbled across a beautiful headband. I wanted to share with you as it made my day!



And me enjoying the bow - you can slightly see my new hair cut here. Straight fringe and uneven sides. I did go into hairhouse warehouse today to get hair dye to dye my hair bright red but the lady was very unhelpful and told me I'd have to go to a salon to get it done. Pfft I've done it before myself from dark to bright red so I can do it again. Tomorrow I try a different hairhouse warehouse and see what reaction I get.

This week I will attempt to dye my hair bright red and then on Friday I am flying to Sydney to see The Killers. I'm excited and ready for this week to begin!!

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x


  1. Lovin' the headband!
    Speaking of new hair and such I got mine done last week and my new hairdresser looked just like you! It was quite bizarre. Long lost twin?

  2. I love this idea Brooke! I think all of us can be way too hard on ourselves at times and we should try and focus on the good and not the bad.

  3. Missishippie - I've been told I have a few twins out and about :) Strange to think there's people who look like me out there.