Saturday, February 20, 2010

Newness is goodness

This week I've been changing. Not so much myself or the things I've been doing but I've been making some adjustments that I've felt have been coming a while.

First major adjustment is that I said "Fare the well" to my dearly beloved purple hair and "Hello fire engine" to my newly dyed hair! It's not a huge change for me as my hair has been a similar colour to this before but it's a big change from what it was. Check it OUT!



I'm super happy with how it turned out. The girl who dyed it for me was concerned that it'd turn out "too bright". I wondered what she thought I thought "too bright" was - I mean she just bleached PURPLE out of my hair!!

It was inspired by the same thing that inspired me last time I dyed it this colour (about this time last year as I attended Soundwave with mega bright hair) and that is the tv show "Skins". Something about that show makes me want to wear bright coloured jeans and dye my hair red.

I have also recieved my new watch in the mail and it's beautiful! It's a Betsey Johnson watch and I'm in love. I didn't know she even designed watched until I saw this particular watch on Gala Darlings photostream. I waited about a month before I purchased this watch after seeing it and my love for it did not diminish so I decided I had to have it.


I have also continued to get better at work. I've re-focused my energy into my job and it feels great to be succeeding. I also got offered a trip to Malaysia in April that I will be taking through work so I'm very excited.

My brain is basically mush right now but all I can say is I'M EXCITED FOR GOOD VIBRATIONS FESTIVAL on Sunday! I'm excited to meet new friends (Flankee) and hang out with old Killers gig buddies (Sophie)!!! It's sure to be a fabulous day and I'll take lots of photos on my newly purchased (tomorrow) p&s camera!

Hope everyone had a glorious week!

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

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  1. So here is my comment that I promised....
    Lovely photos brooke! Flowers looks lovely. Short, but lovely. So I'm guessing that The Killers was your highlight of the day? Derrrr. Well personally I think Basement Jaxx was my highlight. I particulary love the BASEMENT JAXX printed on the singers arse.

    Are you still a gangsta? I know I am
    So I have my phone sex interview on Monday. Any advice? I post a transcript of a typical sex conversation on your blog, but I think that would take your blog from a PG rating to a R 18+ or maybe even a XXX. So I see your going to Darwin as well?...Lucky girl. Drawin will be awesome. Go to Kakadu National park. Looks pretty.

    Wanna come to Canberra? Didn't think so..
    ok well I'll chat soon
    Love your Hommie Leah AKA Lebron