Friday, March 26, 2010

Darwin 101

As mentioned previously, 2 weekends ago I was treated to a weekend conference in Darwin for work. While the Top End of Australia has its appeal, I have never had the inclination to travel there. After this trip that has changed.

The trip started with a rendezvous at the airport. It was close to midnight and the Irish pub was closing so we all stood around at the gate waiting to be let onto our plane. After an uncomfortable sleep deprived flight we were herded onto a large comfy bus and driven out to Litchfield National Park for an early breaky (6am).

After breaky we headed further into Litchfield NP and saw some amazing flora & fauna (hello tree snake), swam in waterfalls and saw lots more amazing waterfalls.




It was a tiring day that ended with dinner and drinks and an early night that was disrupted by the evacuation alarm being set off at 4am.

Day 2 was the day of conferencing that ended in a sunset cruise on the harbour, dinner, drinks, DJ be-friending, John Farnham sing-a-longs, massive cocktails, dancing and being made to come back to the hotel at 4am as there was a stabbing out the front of our hotel (WTF).


The final day allowed the first sleep in of the weekend (though after going to bed at 5.30am it was still only about 5 hours). The morning was an "at your leisure" morning which was spent waiting in a cafe for our breaky to arrive.

After that we all ventured across to Crocosaurus Cove where we watched the croc feeding. These monsters were HUGE! I was only brave enough to hold a Bearded Dragon lizard and a baby croc. I wouldn't go near the small python that the reptile handler brought out - just the thought of touching it made my skin crawl.


I ended my Darwin trip enjoying conversation with dips and crackers with my feet dangling in the hotel pool.


It was an action packed weekend where I managed to get to know the other assistant managers in my area - we go to enough meetings together so it's nice to now know a bit more about these people other than what shop they work at. Plus I got to visit a part of my country that would have remained untouched by me until I get a bit older.

Sunday I'll update on some gig photography that I have participated in this past week. Plus some exciting possibilities that are presenting themselves to me.

Glitter Sparks & Happyness
x x x

P.S I can't stop listening to The Vasco Era's new LP "Lucille" - it's simply divine & I recommend it 110%. I'll be posting a review on over the weekend (I'll link to it so no stress you don't have to go searching if you want to read it)


  1. That crocadile is AMAZING! What a terrifying monster.

    Love Leah

  2. I KNOW - those crocs were HUGE! It was crazy, I don't think those feeders get paid enough to be in that pen with those monsters