Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hair Inspiration: I need a new colour

So anyone who knows me knows I like to change my hair colour - a LOT. I've recently dyed it red and though I love it I haven't been able to get it just the right colour of red so I've given up and decided it's time for a change in colour.

I've been browsing flickr and here are some of my favourite inspiration shots with super awesome coloured hair.

* Image by HeatherAnn89 - click on image for more*

Unnatural Purple Hair
* Image by dreamgloe pumpkincat210 - click on image for more*

Pink Blue Curly
* Image by LuzBlah - click on image for more *

* Image by jzenitsky - click on image for more *

haircut and dye purple 2007
* Image by wip-hairport - click on image for more *

Pink hair!
* Image by Gala - click on image for more *

IDK why but all of my hair inspiration just reminds me of this:
When I'm old, I shall have purple hair...

Can you tell I'm desperate for more purple hair again? I'm thinking I want more of a light lilac purple colour this time but I don't know if I'm brave enough to go the full head yet. I really love THIS PHOTO the best on flickr but it didn't have the "share" butoon so just click the link. It's pretty much the colour that I love but I just realised it a wig (blergh!).

What do you guys think? Should I lighten the hair and dye it purple? I think I must at least dye 70 - 80% of it light lilac because when I look at these photos I get mega hair envy.

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  1. I've had that light purple hair picture saved forever - it is such a dreamy hair cut and color! What a lucky gal. :)

    So I definitely vote lighten and go purple!

  2. Srsly right.
    My attempt failed :(
    I'm seeking professional help this time - and not from the place I went to on the weekend who sold me hair dye that was too dark :(
    I wanted purple and I ended up with pink-ish.

  3. I love light pink but it's SUPER hard to maintain. Also, I know from personal experience that having light hair and then dying some pink and some purple only looks good until it's washed too much - then the pink and purple start dying the rest of the hair and being all dark and blurry;-)